7 Ways That CBD Can Help You Lead A Healthy Lifestyle During The Coronavirus Lockdown

CBD and Coronavirus

Worried that the surreal and strange times we find ourselves living in may be wreaking havoc with your healthy lifestyle? From too much sleep to not enough exercise, social distancing and self-isolation have the potential to put your regular routine on hold. Be it your body or your mind, continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle is crucial to maintaining some daily decorum. Let's look at seven ways that CBD can help you to lead to a healthy lifestyle during the Coronavirus lockdown.


Keeping Your Mind Motivated

With an abundance of downtime at your disposal, it can be easy to get lulled into an abstract routine that may cause you more harm than good. Keeping your mind motivated will be vital in ensuring that the healthy lifestyle you were leading pre-lockdown can continue - even without the typical tools that you may be used to. 

Providing yourself with a daily routine can help you to avoid feeling like each day is rolling into one continuous binge of your favourite TV series, and this is where CBD comes into the equation. Using CBD in a variety of ways throughout the day might just give your mind the milestones it needs to divide your downtime into manageable and digestible chunks. 



Healthy Eating

Where your pre-lockdown routine may have included a weekly meet with a personal trainer or hanging out with your favourite healthy-minded friends; getting the daily inspiration you need to stick to a healthy mealtime may be proving somewhat of a challenge. While it may be tempting to eat your way through the family-sized bag of chocolate bars that were supposed to last for a couple of weeks, eating healthy meals will not only keep your body feeling fighting fit but your mind too. Avoid the brutal aftermath of an excessive sugar high and take the time to experiment and create some super tasty CBD salads. Because VSAVI CBD Oil is blended with organic olive oil, making an excellent salad dressing couldn't be easier.

 To add an extra dimension to your flavour profile, why not try using VSAVI’s Full Spectrum RAW CBD? Full Spectrum means that the whole Hemp plant has been used to create the final product, as opposed to the sole extraction of the CBD molecule. This will mean that you can expect further cannabinoids, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and terpenes, which all culminate in a hearty and herbaceous flavour. A great accompaniment to Basil, as well as salad dressings, perhaps have a go at making your very own homemade CBD pesto or Salsa Verde?  


Keeping Up With Your Vitamins

If you’re missing out on your natural sources of nutrition and feel like your wellbeing could do with a boost, taking a variety of multi-vitamins and supplements may be what you need. Choose a specific time of day that you set aside for your supplement intake and make it part of your daily routine. From iron and zinc to vitamin C and B12, be sure to include CBD alongside your chosen supplements


A Daily Dose of Exercise

Part and parcel of your daily routine should, of course, be exercise. As well as keeping your muscles in check, exercise is well known for improving your mental wellbeing and keeping your mind healthy. During these unfamiliar and strange times that we find ourselves living in, keeping your brain healthy will be paramount to your overall wellbeing. You may have your own exercise regime that you're familiar with, but in the instance that you're treading into unfamiliar territory, there are a plethora of stay-at-home exercise tutorials online to keep you occupied. From a simple aerobic workout to an early morning yoga session, finding a workout that suits your needs might make all the difference to the way you feel.  

While you might be missing out on your weekly HIIT class at the gym, high-intensity training can still be achieved at home. By getting a little creative, you can use various props found around the house to replicate your regular exercise sessions. From pots and pans to your staircase, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. Once you’ve enjoyed your daily dose of exercise, choosing to use CBD, alongside any other food supplements will help to give your body and muscles the nutrients they need in order to suitably recover in time for your exercise session the next day.


Relaxing with Loved Ones

Make your relaxation time more meaningful and show your fellow housebound friends or family that you care with a CBD massage.  Pick a suitable time of day and trade CBD massages to improve both your physical and emotional connection. Simply use a few drops of VSAVI’s CBD oil and massage into the skin for a soothing session that’ll work wonders for your body, mind and wellbeing.  


Spending time in isolation? Have no fear, for with a little imagination you can give yourself your very own CBD massage. Find some relaxing music, dim the lights and close your eyes, before applying oil to your skin and giving yourself a gentle hand massage. 



Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

The temptation to spend the day sat on the sofa, binge-watching your favourite TV programs should be one that you avoid. The ability to fall into the regular habit of an afternoon nap should not be underestimated, and while it might seem nice at the time, saving your sleep for its traditional allotted time should be maintained to ensure your mind stays tip-top. Getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and slipping into the habit of an afternoon nap may interrupt the rest that you need to stay healthy.


Repeating Your Routine

While we might be stating the obvious, a routine is not a routine until you repeat it with some frequency. By creating a daily 'to-do' list that includes the items mentioned above, you'll find that your day has some more structure and substance, which in turn will leave your body and mind feeling healthier and happier. 


Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay healthy. Stay at home. 



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