CBD Oil For Dogs. 5 Dog ailments where CBD may Help

ICan CBD help cure your dog's illness?s your dog feeling under the weather? Does he or she have a chronic condition that you’ve been attempting to treat? It may be time to turn to CBD to greatly improve your dog’s quality of life. If you haven’t heard what CBD can do for dogs, we’ll guide you through the 5 dog ailments that CBD can help with. But first, let’s give you some insights into CBD itself.


What Is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis. Yes, cannabis as in the other name for marijuana. Yet, CBD is not going to make your dog high. It’s the THC in cannabis that causes that “high” effect. Our CBD contains none of that, but has been used to treat a variety of ailments in animals. The perfectly legal and quickly growing CBD industry produces oils, pills, and edibles all made to bring out the medicinal qualities within the cannabis plant. We believe Pure CBD oil, without flavouring or additives is the most suitable CBD for dogs.

5 Dog conditions where CBD oil can help

Lately, dog owners have been turning to CBD to alleviate the suffering of man’s best friend. Here are 5 ailments where CBD has reportedly (by pet owners) helped their furry friends.

#1 Relieving pain and inflammation

Probably the most well-known ailment that we encounter is pain, and dogs are no different. While medical marijuana has become prominent partly because of its ability to treat pain, it is actually the CBD in marijuana that does most of the heavy lifting. By isolating just the CBD, you can administer it to your dog without getting them high, and lessen any pain they may have.

#2 Appetite problems

This is another issue that medical marijuana has been known to treat, especially in that of cancer patients. Yet, CBD can offer the same benefits, and thus is beneficial for dog owners. If your furry friend is having an aversion to food, for whatever reason, CBD could work wonders in getting him or her to eat again.

#3 If your dog is stressed or has anxiety

Cannabidiol is known to reduce anxiety in many animals, including dogs. If your dog is anxious due to being left alone for hours, or perhaps from fireworks or other loud noises, you don’t want them to suffer. This is where CBD can help with a natural solution to reduce their anxiety. If you are unsure if your dog is stressed see the PetMD article

#4 Inflammation and pain relief

If your dog is suffering from temporary or chronic inflammation, turning to CBD is a great idea. Whether it is inflammation from allergies or an autoimmune disease, CBD works just the same. It reduces inflammation even in your dog’s gut and helps them get back to normal.

#5 Treating seizures in dogs

Even something as serious as seizures can be helped by CBD. As much as 1%-5% of the dog population suffers from seizures, and it is a frightening condition for their owners. Thankfully, CBD is increasingly being used to treat seizures in dogs. It has, by all accounts, made a very big difference in the lives of dogs, and subsequently in the lives of their owners too.

CBD for dogs

    If you hadn’t yet heard of CBD before this, then you might be surprised just how much it can help your dog. The benefits of CBD have been well known for quite a while, but it is only lately that they are gaining wide acceptance. This is great for dog owners who may have been trying to treat various ailments with little success.

    Your dog can’t tell you what they want, but they do exhibit signs of need. For these 5 ailments, you should know that CBD can help them. In fact, CBD has been shown to help other ailments too, such as protecting their nervous system and aiding in heart health. All in all, adding CBD to your dog’s diet is a consideration that all owners should be making, either now or at some point in the future.

    What CBD dose should I use for my Dog? 

    Therapeutic Doses should be worked out as follows: For Acute complaints.

    You will need to give your dog 1 drop of 5% sublingual CBD per 1 KG of weight.

    For more information on CBD doses for dogs and pets see our CBD for Pets blog

    Please note we do not recommend or suggest that you stop giving your pet the medication prescribed by your vet. This should be used as a supplement unless changes to your pet’s medical regime are approved and sanctioned by your Vet.  We always advise that you have a full and frank conversation with your Vet before embarking on this journey with your pet.