The Best Morning Routine for Anxiety and Wellbeing

best morning routine for anxiety and wellbeingWe’ve all been there  that struggle to roll out of bed in the morning is a daily grind. Just finding the motivation to get up and be active is half the battle, but why is this an issue? One thing is for sure, we’re all programmed differently, with some people loving the mornings and others just wanting the day to get underway, remove that hump and feel some productivity.

While we all have different emotions and priorities, anxiety is real and mental health impacts one in four people in the UK. If we can plan and create the best morning routine for anxiety, it’s a fantastic way to react to any negativity or doubt that creeps into the mind.


Work stresses for the day ahead, not feeling relaxed from the night before, lack of sleep or simply the dreaded school run  take your pick! Any number of reasons can cause high anxiety for many in the morning. It’s how you manage daily hurdles that make all the difference. Medically diagnosed as a ‘feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe’, morning anxiety can alter the entire day’s outlook before even beginning. It’s a challenge to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. However, with the right mindset, some preparation and the correct tools, it can help with a morning routine mapped out.


“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom.” 

These are the wise words of famous ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and still apply today. You don’t necessarily need to be up before the sun comes up, but the habit is so important. The body and mind get confused and tired of constant change. Having the right mindset, attitude and determination can go a long way to curing your anxiety, because you’re thinking and acting positively. Setting yourself a healthy morning routine can make all the difference and contribute to better wellbeing. If you are racked with worry about what might happen or could go wrong, follow these steps in the morning:


The 21st-century problem Aristotle can not relate to  technology has changed the way our minds function. It changes our daily patterns, how we rest and even our ability to unwind. At the click of a button or even just by recognising your face, you can open up countless apps, sending your brain into overdrive. 

For instance, whilst the blue light from your phone will tell your brain to stop producing sleep-promoting melatonin, the phone itself will serve as a distraction. It's better to not have this happen first thing, allowing you time to reaffirm your goals and think clearly. What are your friends doing on Facebook, what time is the train to work, should you open up your calendar to see the working day ahead? These are just a few tasks and activities available on your phone, laptop or tablet device.

Morning anxiety kicks in before you’ve even poured your cereal if you start thinking about these situations straight after getting out of bed. It’s a common occurrence and can allow your morning anxiety to reach peak levels unless you keep it in check.


It sounds obvious but missed by a surprising amount of people. Studies highlight that dehydration can lead to mental health issues if not prioritised. Get into a good routine early in the day, awaken the senses and set the mind up for a day of productivity by drinking at least 500ml of water. It’s a good healthy habit to have and gives you plenty of useful nutrients the body requires after waking up.


With so many addictive foods in the fridge, unless you have a strict diet or partake in intermittent fasting, you might not realise the amount of sugar intake in the morning. A bowl of fruit provides natural sugars that give the body what they need but not reduce or inhibit productivity. You want to feel fresh and pumped for the day ahead. A few blueberries improve your vision and cognition among other things, while bananas give you a much-needed energy boost.


It’s not for everyone, but for those who love coffee, it's a vital way to wake up in the morning and get a caffeine fix. As research suggests, it can act as a mild antidepressant too when you drink lower amounts. Creature comforts and a nice habit to have with a morning book or magazine to wake up the mind.


We spend so much of our lives staring at screens, whether that’s hours in front of the laptop working from home or some quality time with the family watching the film. And that’s without considering copious hours as explained earlier on your mobile phone! The mind needs to switch off and reset around such a hectic lifestyle. One of the best ways to do this first thing in the morning is with a nice brisk walk or jog. Sun, rain or wind - whatever the conditions - there are notable health benefits plus improve your psychological wellbeing to actively start the day.


Life can often feel like 100mph, with a common phrase ‘where did the time go’ frequently used by many to explain the weekend. What you can do to maximise your time, creating more for the moments that matter is to ensure there is a plan in place. Preparing a routine, thinking about the tasks that need to be done and actioning them the night before can do a world of good for morning anxiety.

For example, if you know you only have one hour in the morning and need to fit in having a shower, getting the kids ready for school and eating breakfast, preparing as much as possible the night before can be a real time saver and reduce anxiety. So consider preparing breakfast in advance, hanging up the school clothes the night before, or organising your food supplements such as CBD and vitamins next to your porridge and freshly squeezed juice so you don’t forget?

Little reminders which can be done by setting up an alarm to take your CBD oil each morning will help you keep a routine and familiar pattern each day. Once you know everything is done for the day ahead, the mind will feel more at ease ready for what lies in waiting. As one of the USA founding fathers Benjamin Franklin once said:

‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’

There are plenty of other ways you can get the body and mind on the right track. Morning anxiety does exist but keeping it clear and present through reading, meditating, writing down your thoughts on paper, creating a gratitude list, deep breathing and making sure you approach life by flight instead of fight makes all the difference. We hope this blog has helped and encourage you to reach out to the organisations below for any further advice or help to support you on your journey to address morning anxiety:


Should you have any questions regarding CBD or our range of CBD products, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team  and here’s to reclaiming your mornings.