What Are the Best Times to Take CBD?

best times to take cbd Curious about CBD, how to take it, and when you should use it? Find out the best times to take CBD during the day and where to buy yours from.

From oil and e-liquid to CBD-infused cosmetics, food and drink, the list of products that now contain this healthy cannabinoid is constantly growing.

But whether you're thinking about introducing CBD into your daily regime or are already regularly dosing, we take a look at the best times of day to take CBD.


The good news is that the best time of day to take CBD will depend entirely on you and your daily routine. So, to be brief: there is no specific ‘best’ time.

It’s not necessarily a case of using CBD, but more about how to incorporate the use of it into your life seamlessly and with ease. Using CBD shouldn't be a chore that you become anxious about should you miss you a dose  simply try and work out when you have a spare 5 minutes in the day.


Ensuring you take CBD at regular intervals that best suit your needs, and maintaining the consistency of that routine, is the optimum time.

For example, if you are looking at using CBD as part of your nighttime routine, you should look at taking it just before bed; if you want to use it as part of your active lifestyle and training, taking several drops after you finish your workout is an ideal time. Essentially, the choice is yours.

We do recommend it doesn’t interfere with any other part of your routine; that is to say that you do not consume it whilst ingesting anything else, such as a warm cup of tea or your breakfast. Whilst this isn’t detrimental, but by being taken solo, it ensures the CBD does not dissolve with anything else.


Additionally, the time of day that you use CBD may depend on the strength and concentration of CBD you’re using and how you react. Much like the sugar rush that you experience when you eat something sweet, CBD will also have an effect of some sort.

If you find that CBD helps you to wake up, then choosing to incorporate it into your morning routine, or perhaps in the early afternoon when you begin to lag, might be the option you choose. If you find that CBD makes you feel sleepy, then avoiding the morning and choosing an early evening dose may be the way to go.

As we've just mentioned, the strength of CBD that you use will play a part in helping you decide when is the best time to take CBD. Due to the different ways our bodies absorb CBD, and depending on whether you use oil or e-liquid, you’ll need to determine how often you use the supplement throughout the day; whilst also taking into consideration factors such as your body size and your body fat percentage - and the only way to find out is to get started!

CBD oil drops and CBD e-liquids for vaping are available in varying strengths, ranging from 300mg to 2000mg. If you are just starting out, here are our recommendations for beginners (bearing in mind we would recommend starting low and increasing the strength as you see fit): 

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If you are wondering, ‘how often should I be taking CBD?’, don't worry, we’re here to help.


One of the most common ways to consume CBD is by using sublingual oil and there are a couple of ways to use this supplement. By adding a few drops to your food or drink, you can easily support a healthy lifestyle. However, the way your body absorbs the cannabinoid will differ if you were to place drops of the oil directly underneath your tongue.

As mentioned above, when you add CBD to food and drink, it will travel through your digestive system and enter your bloodstream via. your stomach. Due to the distance and the time it takes the CBD to travel to your bloodstream, it’ll probably be 30 to 45 minutes before your body begins to absorb the molecules; which is worth keeping in mind if you’re thinking about using at multiple points throughout the day and looking for the best time to ingest CBD.

Alternatively, by using 2 to 5 drops under your tongue and holding in place for 60 to 90 seconds, CBD will be absorbed by the mucous glands in your mouth and enter the bloodstream faster.


Another way to use CBD is by vaping. Suited to those who already vape or would prefer a tastier alternative to the earthy flavours that natural CBD oil possesses, CBD e-liquid is available in our online store in several sweet and fruity flavours which can make using CBD that bit more pleasant on your palate.

When you vape CBD, your body absorbs the CBD into your bloodstream via your lungs, which is a quicker absorption rate than if you were to put CBD oil drops in your mouth under your tongue.

Due to the way our bodies absorb vapour, while CBD may enter your bloodstream quicker, but the concentration of CBD that you get from vaping is actually lower than if you were to use the same strength sublingual oil. This means that you may need to vape more throughout the day, which is worth thinking about when it comes to incorporating CBD into your daily routine  and whether you will use oil, e-liquids, or both.

Like with strengths, the amount of times you take CBD throughout the day should begin at a minimal amount and slowly begin to build over time. Introducing CBD as part of your lifestyle is not an overnight hit and requires patience  but as we (and our many happy customers) shout about, it is worth it. For more information, please feel free to contact us.