Face Masks

Companies ranging from Fiat to Gucci are now manufacturing face masks in the fight against coronavirus. A number of vape and e-cigarette manufacturers like Hangsen have also joined in the fight and we would like to make some of these products available here.

For our customers' convenience we are now pleased to offer affordable medical grade certified face masks that conform to both the World Health Organisation and NHS guidelines.

Shortages of PPE appear to be over as we now have access to many suppliers who can provide unlimited amounts of good quality masks. Our objective is to make these available to our customers at very competitive prices

There are many sellers of face masks on certain sites attempting to make profit selling either non-tested or or non medical face masks that are not fit for purpose. The masks we offer are medical grade with full certification.

There are many different classifications of face mask available to buy, from ineffective non-medical dust masks to medical or surgical grade masks and full respirator protective products for doctors/surgeons. It is widely accepted that for protection against the spread of Covid-19 certified masks are most effective.

We offer two types of certified face masks for adults and children; one for high levels of protection for general use in public places and another higher specification "Type IIR" fluid/splash resistant mask, for settings where social distancing is difficult, such as public transport or enclosed public places or workplaces. 

The additional certified N95 respirator is for more specific purposes as per product details.