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Ripstick Pods and Riptide Device

RipStick Prefilled Pod Bundles

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Easy-to-use vape pods that slot efficiently into your RipTide RipStick device, you can’t go wrong with these money saving bundles of prefilled pods. Available in six great flavour options, enjoy the smooth flavour taste of tobacco free nicotine.

Riptide Ripstick Nic-tech technology

Ideal for those just starting to vape, the RipStick pods do not require refilling with e-liquid. Instead, minimal fuss with a quick replacement. Alternatively, it works equally well for experienced vapers seeking a portable and convenient second pod device. Developed with Mouth to Lung vaping in mind, these RipStick pods tackle nicotine addiction head on with pure nicotine power in the form of NicTech technology. You get the same nicotine satisfaction that you would smoking, but with a smoother throat hit thanks to the removal of benzoic acid. The key features of these vape pods are:

  • 1.4ml capacity per pod
  • Tobacco-free nicotine
  • Two nicotine strengths (12mg/ml or 20mg/ml)

With RipStick pods, all odours or impurities from the tobacco plant are removed too. Instead, you get simple to use pods with a magnetic fit, so swapping them out is easy enough once you have vaped your 1.4ml.

Riptide Ripstick Flavours

Six Delicious Disposable Pods

Bright Leaf Tobacco
The amazingly unique Bright Leaf Tobacco is a distinguishable e-liquid flavour that is accompanied by a pleasant aftertaste. There really is nothing quite like it.

A cool, crisp taste swirls around your throat, before leaving a hit of beloved menthol.

Blue Raspberry
For a sweet and summer breeze of ripe fruit and mouth-puckering zest, Blue Raspberry offers a taste sensation for those looking to add a drop of fun to their vaping.

With natural tones of green mango and the freshness of a forest, the Mango flavoured e-liquid is a welcome addition to any vapers palate.

Blended up strawberries, coconut and peach create this daiquiri-inspired flavoured e-liquid - a swirling fruity taste that’s light and enjoyable.

Berry Crunch
Soft-tasting and scrumptious, this breakfast-time-inspired flavour combines what we want and need in an e-liquid pod.

Riptide Ripstick Lifestyle

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