Riptide RipStick Pod Sample Pack x6

Riptide RipStick Pod Sample Pack x6

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Enjoy the next generation of vaping with the disposable RipTide RipStick Pods in our sample pack. 

RipStick Pod Specifications

  • 1.4 ml capacity
  • Free from Benzoic acid
  • Tobacco-free nicotine
  • Available in 6 flavours
  • 2 nicotine strengths options (12mg/ml and 20mg/ml)
  • RipStick not included

This sample pack includes disposable 6 Ripstick pods packed full of unforgettable e-liquid, especially formulated to get a richer and smoother nicotine experience with the revolutionary RipStick vape pod.

Powered by NicTech, these pods are available in two different nicotine strengths for you to enjoy (12mg/ml and 20mg/ml).

RipStick Pod flavours available:

  • Bright Leaf Tobacco: The amazingly different Bright Leaf Tobacco is a distinguishable e-liquid flavour that is accompanied by a pleasant aftertaste. There really is nothing quite like it.
  • Tropical: Blended up strawberries, coconut and prack create this daiquiri-inspired flavoured e-liquid - a swirling fruity taste that’s light and enjoyable.
  • Berry Crunch: Soft-tasting and scrumptious, this breakfast-time-inspired flavour combines our loves of what we want and what we need in an e-liquid pod.
  • Blue Raspberry: For a sweet and summer breeze of ripe fruit and mouth-puckering zest, Blue Raspberry offers a taste sensation for those looking to add a drop of fun to their vaping.
  • Mango: With natural tones of a green mango, and the freshness of a forest, the Mango flavoured e-liquid is a welcome addition to any vapers palate.
  • Mint: Think sweet. A cool, crisp taste swirls around your throat before leaving a hit of beloved menthol.