Vapour2 PRO 7 CBD Vaporizer Kit UK
Pro 7 CBD vape kit
Pro 7 CBD vape kit in Black
PRO 7 CBD Vaporizer in Blue
CBD Vape pen in Silver. Replacement for Pro 7 CBD vaporizer

Vapour2 PRO Series 7 CBD Vaporizer

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Vapour2 Advanced CBD Vape Pen Kit 

You’re looking at one of the most advanced CBD vape pens; V2 Cigs UK’s ultimate 2-in-1 portable vaporiser for CBD vape oil, e-liquid, loose leaf and dry herb. This advanced CBD vaporizer is extremely versatile and comes with separate cartridges designed for various vaping mediums - one device for all your needs.

The PRO Series 7 has all the smart features of the PRO Series 3 – and then some very special ones of its own. The Pro 7 CBD vaporizer "knows" what you are vaping and adjusts its temperature to optimise your experience. Advantages also include variable voltage and temperature control, larger cartridge capacity and extended battery life.

Looking for something more compact? Head over to the XEO VOID CBD Vaporizer if your vaping sessions are lighter.

This comprehensive CBD vape kit contains all you need for vaping CBD:

• V2 PRO 7 CBD vaporiser pen (choose from Black, Stainless Steel and Blue)
• Magnetic USB charging lead
• Wall adapter (UK or EU)
• Magnetic CBD E-Liquid Cartridge
• Magnetic Loose Leaf Cartridge
• Pick and brush used for Loose Leaf Cartridge maintenance

Available for separate purchase:

• PRO 7 CBD vape e Liquid Cartridge
• Platinum E-Liquid
• PRO Series 7 Charging Cable
• Auto Charger
• Cleaning Kit
• PRO Series 7 Lanyard
• Grinders

V2 Pro 7 Variable Voltage CBD Vaporizer

The V2 PRO S7 vaporizer kit includes everything you need to start enjoying the Series 7 with your CBD vape oil, plus a few extras.

Each Series 7 vaporizer is equipped with the smart technology and premium features, like variable voltage and temperature settings (200°C/390°F, 210°C/415°F and 225°C/440°F).

These advanced features combined with larger cartridge capacities and extended battery life make the Pro 7 the ultimate 2-in-1 portable vaporizer for CBD vaping, e liquid and dry herb.

Like the Series 3 vape pen, the Pro 7 Vaporizer offers compatible cartridges for unique mediums: dry herb, loose leaf, CBD vape oil and e-liquid. Once you’ve filled your chosen cartridge with your preferred medium and inserted it into the cartridge chamber, you can select your voltage or temperature setting. If you’re not sure which setting you prefer, the smart technology of Series 7 will recognise the cartridge type and automatically heat to optimum vaporizing temperature.

CBD vape oil refills

Your Pro 7 CBD Vape Kit contains:

• Pro S7 Vape Pen
• Pro S7 magnetic USB charging cord
• Wall adapter (UK or EU)
• S7 CBD E Liquid cartridge (for CBD vape oil or traditional e-liquid)
• S7 Loose Leaf cartridge (for Dry Herb)
• Pick and brush used for basic loose leaf cartridge maintenance

To use your S7 portable CBD vaporizer, unpack the components, connect the magnetic charging cord to your device and plug into a compatible USB port or the wall adapter to fully charge it.

The Pro 7 Vaporizer is available in a choice of three colours: Black, Steel and Blue.

The V2 Pro Series 7 CBD Kit offers unrivalled performance combined with incredible value.


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