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Vapour2 CBD Vape Kit

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CBD Vaporizer Kit

Vapour2/V2 are recognised globally as a high quality manufacturer. With an innovative discreet design our UK rechargeable CBD Vape Pen Kit is a mini-tank system which offers the discerning CBD vaper a discrete, versatile, high quality device that lasts. At 18g it is less than half the weight of many other devices. Most other vape pen batteries run at 3.7 volts, our powerful 4.2 volt device will give you more power and more CBD vapour. It can also be used with any of our regular e-liquids.


  • 1 x Vapour2 4.2 Volt CBD pen battery
  • 1 x Vapour2 Ex-Blank CBD refill tank
  • 1 x USB Express charger for fast charging
  • Weight 18g
  • Instructions included - please read carefully 

Using the CBD Pen

This CBD vape pen kit is very easy to use, offers flexibility and can be used with your choice of CBD vape oil and e-liquids and is one of our most versatile small scale electronic cigarettes. This vape pen is designed to get you started and give you the experience of CBD vaping at a relatively low budget; the idea is then to add an additional battery and Ex-blanks so that you have an all-day CBD vape system. A single battery needs charging and during that charging process an additional battery is vital for continuity. The Ex-Blank CBD refill cartridge will last approximately 1-2 weeks depending on whether you are a light or heavy CBD vaper. A personal CBD vaporizer with the simplicity and convenience of a micro-ecig.

Ex-Blank refill tank is refillable up to 15 times before you will need to replace it. 

This pen is based on one of the vape kits from Vapour2 UK.


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