Why is Cannabis illegal in the UK?

Why is Cannabis illegal in the UK?
Cannabis is categorised as a Class B drug in the UK, making it illegal to sell, possess or give away. It's in the same category as amphetamines and...

Can CBD be used alongside other medicine?

Can CBD be used alongside other medicine?
The UK has legalised the Cannabidol component of Cannabis, that is recognized as a food supplement by the MHRA. The WHO has stated there is minimal side effects of CBD when taken. Some people have taken it into their own hands to stop medication for their other illnesses and take CBD only. Read more here:

Antiquated legislation on the whole Cannabis issue in the UK | VSAVI 2018

Antiquated legislation on the whole Cannabis issue in the UK | VSAVI 2018
The view of Cannabis is being challenged in the UK. Currently, CBD is allowed to be consumed in the UK through oil form, vaping and food supplements. Find out what else is going on in the news from VSAVI.

What a beginner to CBD oil needs to know

CBD is gaining a lot of traction in the UK right now, but what is it? Cannabidiol - to give it its full name - is part of the infamous cannabis pla...

Cannabis Based CBD Oil and Vapour

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an entire wave of marijuana legalisation efforts going on across the world. The most publicised is the efforts of those in America, where medical marijuana is now legal in about half of the country. More than that, recreational marijuana has also become legal in a handful of states [...]

Which CDB Product is Right For You, CBD Vape Oil or CBD Drops ?

Should I Vape or Use the Sublingual Drops?The question of whether to vape or to use the drops orally is a matter of personal preference.There is no right or wrong answer.There are various factors you may wish to consider before making a decision. If you are already vaping then it seems reasonable to start with the vape oil.CBD [...]

CBD Help & Advice from VSAVI Customer Services

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Does Vaping CBD Oil help Combat any Medical Conditions ?

Cannabis based CBD oil is quickly picking up steam as a potential treatment for an array of conditions. If you haven’t heard of CBD oil yet, you’re likely to be in the minority very soon. CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, one of 60 known cannabinoids, which are a class of molecules found in cannabis. [...]