National CBD Day: When Is It and Who Celebrates It?

national cbd day

If you're wondering when national CBD day is, what countries celebrate it, or even how the day got started, we've got you covered in our deep dive.

So let's begin by answering the most common question...


National CBD day takes place on the 8th August every year. Whilst it's not a date to put aside any prior plans or book out on your schedule, it does serve a great excuse to get together with friends and/or family and discuss CBD.

From a small soiree in the garden to larger parties taking place in the park, why not host a national CBD day party and impart your CBD knowledge with others?

If you're not much of a people person, then no worries. Put on your favourite music, lean back on your comfiest chair and celebrate in solitude by giving thanks to your favourite food supplement in any way you feel befitting. CBD is all about what works for you, after all.


National CBD Day was first introduced to the public in 2017, but wasn't actually 'celebrated' until 2018 when it officially went live to the public. For a little background, this is because 'national days' must be submitted to a panel of national celebration websites for approval.

Despite most national days (including this one even) being the basis of marketing and PR purposes, they're a great opportunity to bring awareness to their specific cause — and hopefully with it, a new audience. In this case, the benefits and wonders of cannabinoids that often go unseen.


Whilst an American CBD manufacturer started the day, it's not just celebrated nationally in the US. Due to its rising popularity, and in contact to its name, national CBD day is celebrated internationally — and why not, hey?


Celebrate national CBD day in all its hemp-green-glory and check out some of our suggestions. Just make sure you have plenty of CBD to share with your nearest and dearest!

Picnic: Prepare some CBD edible treats in the kitchen and tuck into a tasty picnic with friends. From adding drops of CBD oil to your mama's secret salsa verde recipe, or baking some delicious CBD brownies, cooking with CBD is a fun and flavourful way to consume this popular cannabinoid. Ingesting CBD oil means that it'll have to travel through your digestive system before it is absorbed into the bloodstream which can take up to 45 minutes. 

Vape: If you vape and are thinking of keeping things low key, enjoying a sociable vaping session with your friends can be an informal and relaxed way to celebrate. From flavoured CBD vapes to terpene infused CBD e-liquid, why not select a few options and have a CBD tasting party?

Massage: Just the two of you? Did you know that you can use CBD oil topically for massage? Put on your favourite sounds-of-the-rainforest playlist and experience some special moments together on national CBD day.

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If you're reading this blog, then the chances are you may already be familiar with CBD. In the instance that you've happened upon this page by chance, then let us fill you in. CBD is a molecule known as a cannabinoid that is found in the family of cannabis plants, as well as other plants such as Echinacea. Classified as a food supplement and used to support wellbeing as well as the healthy functioning of organs, CBD is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids known to exist. Another cannabinoid that you may have heard of is THC, which is a distinctive psychoactive molecule responsible for the cannabis plant's illegal status in the UK.

The two most common and effective ways to consume CBD is by using CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) or by vaping CBD e-liquid. 

If you're pondering the question, does CBD get you high like THC is known to do, then fear not. CBD sold in the UK is sourced from the legal and versatile industrial hemp plant, which is known for its fibrous qualities and high concentrations of naturally occurring CBD. More importantly, CBD sold in the UK has regulations, and must contain less than the legal limit of 0.2% THC, which means that you'll not experience the feeling of being stoned.


Whilst CBD is perfectly safe to use, one known side effect is drowsiness. This may be great in the instance that you need a good night's sleep, but be mindful not to consume more than is recommended should you have a particularly arduous task to perform the next morning.

You may only feel the effects of CBD for a few hours; however, CBD will stay in your system for anything from two-to-five days, depending on a variety of factors. Your height, weight as well as the quantity and concentration of CBD you consume will play its part, but it will be the type of CBD you choose to use that you should be particularly mindful of.


The amount of THC in CBD products might be minuscule, but the reality is that your body will store THC for longer. Residing in your fat cells, THC can stay in your system for up to 30 days. If you're consuming high concentration CBD products frequently, bear in mind that THC will be slowly accumulating in your fat cells. While this won't make you the slightest bit high, the presence of THC in your system will potentially show up in a drug test.


When it comes to full spectrum CBD oil, then it's useful to know that the entire hemp plant is used to manufacture this product. This means that not only will you get CBD, but you'll also experience a range of cannabinoids, nutrients, minerals and terpenes that are all found naturally in hemp.

The advantage of this is that when all the plant's extracts are consumed together, your body will experience the essential fatty acids such as omega 3, as well as the plant's natural terpenes responsible for the flavour. These not only provide a herbaceous flavour but also have a calming effect, similar to the way hops are used to add bitterness to produce beer. Additional cannabinoids may stay in your system for longer, and if you're in a job that requires random drug tests, it's worth noting that this product may show up in your results.

However, you choose to celebrate National CBD Day this year, ensure you're fully stocked with all your favourite CBD essentials and throw out a #NationalCBDDay hashtag to join in the fun.

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