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VSAVI Platinum E-Liquid 50ml

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VSAVI Platinum E-Liquid 50ml

VSAVI e-liquids are carefully manufactured recipes using only the best ingredients, resulting in the most natural tasting flavours with no nasty aftertaste. The excellent unique flavour is specially formulated using only the highest quality food flavourings, creating fantastic e-liquid with a taste like no other.

E-Liquid Flavours Available

There are fifteen platinum e-liquid flavours in 4 different nicotine strengths to choose from, each with the optimised blend of PG/VG allowing for great vapour production and a delicious throat hit, without the nasty aftertaste.

Tobacco Flavours

Red Tobacco - A hearty Virginian tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness, delivering a smooth throat hit. The strong and bold classic American tobacco favourite.

Sahara Tobacco - A rich Middle Eastern blend featuring a unique sweet bitter flavour with mature tobacco overtones. Sahara is a one-of-a-kind bittersweet flavour described as soft and light with a hint of sweetness.

Congress - A refined Virginian tobacco flavour revealing a light flavour at the first draw, with a smooth finish.

Gold - A robust Virginian tobacco flavour, delivering a warm and mature taste with sweet undertones like a well-cured tobacco. Gold is a firm favourite by those who enjoy the taste of a robust cigarette with a rich tobacco flavour like a great cigar.
Black - A delicate blend of roasted sweetness and cured tobacco, Black is the true e-liquid favourite of tobacco lovers.

Menthol Flavours

Menthol - an e-liquid flavour that packs a punch. Menthol delivers a unique experience with a taste that's less minty but full of menthol with eucalyptus.

Green Tea Menthol - Bursting with refreshing mint combined with the distinctive taste of green tea. A true unique combination of a slightly bitter, mildly sweet e-liquid, with a hint of a nutty flavour while retaining minty notes.

Peppermint - A sweet combination of peppermint and spearmint, delivering a cool throat hit to perfection. Discover a taste like no other with the mint combination that's out of this world.

Bold Leaf Menthol - A delicious blend of icy menthol and sweet, well cured tobacco. Bold Leaf Menthol is a crisp, refreshing menthol taste accented with subtle tobacco undertones.

Sweet and Fruity Flavours

Cherry - The taste of juicy sweet cherries picked fresh from the orchard. Our Cherry e-liquid has a subtle taste of luscious farm fresh cherries with a hint of sweetness, that leaves your taste buds wanting more.

Chocolate - A rich and creamy milk chocolate flavoured e-liquid that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Get ready to be in vape dessert heaven with our premium e-liquid that tastes like real milk chocolate.

Coffee - A Columbian blend with a hint of cream and sugar, this is the real coffee flavoured e-liquid you've been looking for.
Vanilla - A sweet and creamy flavour taken from the distinct taste of real Madagascan vanilla extract. This deliciously light vanilla flavour is perfect to vape all day long.

Cola - A crisp and sweet cola flavour inspired by the old-school 70's bottle cap candies. With a rocking taste you know all too well, our Cola flavour packs a punch that will 'wow' you.

Grape - A natural flavour with the sweet taste of juicy, sun ripened purple grapes. A great choice if you're a vaper and crave a mild sweet treat in the middle of the day.

Premium E-Liquid Features

  • No Nasty Aftertaste
  • Finest Pharma-grade Ingredients
  • High-quality Flavouring
  • High PG E-Liquid

All e-liquids are TPD compliant following standard EU legislation featuring child-resistant bottles with tamper-evident seals and a needle top nozzle for easy refilling of vaping devices.

Although compatible with all vape pens, we recommend vaping our premium e-liquids with the EX Blank Refillable Cartridges and the XEO VOID for an optimal vaping experience.

Our platinum e-liquids are available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine strengths. 

Please note: our e-liquid is undergoing rebranding. But don't worry, you'll receive your favourite e-liquid with a different name but the same quality and taste. 

50ml comes in 5x10ml bottles.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      M. Lynch
      The Best!!

      Vsavi The Best! Excellent ordering, customer services + products. Delivery + communication are exceptional, this company definately works hard to provide customers with efficient + effective service. Thankyou ☺️

      Grape VSAVI Platinum

      Best tasting grape flavour out there. Nice and sweet and refreshing. 18mg has a great nic bite without giving me a nasty dry cough afterwards. Very pleased with my purchase and I would recommend these e-liquids!!

      Black Tobacco is the best liquid I tried

      V2 Platinum Black tobacco flavour is by far my favourite. Also, buying 5x10 makes it a good value for the money.