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Organic CBD Oil Oral Drops

CBD Oil Drops

Our collection of CBD oils provide the perfect food supplement in oral drops to assist your daily routine, shether you take them when you first wake up, after lunch or before bed. We stock a range of flavours and strengths to suit all preferences.  Read our blog covering several key topics about CBD oil or reach out to the VSAVI team to learn more about these CBD products. You can also vape CBD oil as an alternative method.

  • Natural with no artificial flavouring or additives, and tested in a fully equipped laboratory
  • Clean from any contamination,  CO2 extracted from high-grade organic hemp extract.

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Frequently asked questions

As of 2016 when the UK made CBD Oil legal to sell because of their ‘potential to produce “wellbeing” benefits’, we have seen a wealth of products from CBD oil drops to CBD vape juice and gummies enter the rapidly growing multii-billion pound CBD market. It is legal to purchase and use these products which are classed as food supplements, with the UK government tightening regulations annually as demand surges. 

Before buying any CBD products check that it’s a trusted website or store that produces CBD oil in a safe, clean and tested environment. Should the manufacturer meet strict standards set by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulations Agency (MHRA), and it is below the maximum dosage outlined by the UK Foods Standard Agency (FSA), rest assured it is a CBD food supplement you can add to support your day to day activities. 

Please bear in mind this is intended as a food supplement and is not supposed to replace food intake. Consult a medical professional if you have any further questions.

With CBD oils, you can ingest them orally in a variety of strengths. We recommend starting at a lower strength and building up to a level you can tolerate, which can depend on factors such as height, weight and gender. CBD oil drop strengths vary from 300mg as the typical starting reference up to higher dosages reaching 2000mg as the maximum legalised level. 

The FSA recommends you take no more than 70mg a day unless advised more by a doctor. But as we advised earlier, start with a low dosage and add more to your required level if needed while demonstrating care. 

When absorbed under the tongue for 60 seconds, which is the most effective process, CBD oil works with our endocannabinoid system and has a potential wide range of benefits from boosting your skin to working as an antioxidant.

Because CBD is not psychoactive as it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) below 0.2%, it is not addictive and instead extracted from the hemp plant.