Reality Check: CBD Will Not Get You High

Reality Check: CBD Will Not Get You High

Read all about it! You won’t get high from using CBD! Let’s be frank – while, of course, CBD is found in the cannabis plant - contrary to popular belief, when you use CBD you won’t get the fuzzy like feeling of getting high, most commonly associated with smoking the infamous plant. 
Alas, CBD – short for Cannabidiol - is one of the different cannabinoid compounds found predominantly within the cannabis plant.

Out of the hundred known cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, the majority will not get you the slightest bit high - but there’s always got to be one hasn’t there? Like the naughty school kid sat at the back of the bus, THC is one of the only psychoactive members of the cannabinoid family. It is generally considered to be the culprit when it comes to the perception that the majority of the population have of cannabis.


CBD based products sold in the UK are extracted from the industrialized cannabis plant, hemp, which has traditionally been cultivated as a crop due to its hardy and fibrous structure. Ideal for ropes, paper, clothes – you name it – hemp does it. Due to this purposed cultivation, the THC levels found in Hemp are extremely low and will never be enough to get you even the slightest bit high. 


People report using CBD to help maintain an overall healthier lifestyle. Why not try it to see if a CBD supplement is right for you?

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