Using CBD to Help Support a Healthier Lifestyle

using cbd to help support a healthier lifestyle

With excessive amounts of food devoured during the winter season, one too many drinks consumed and a lack of motivation for any fitness regime, a reboot of some kind may be in order.

Health concerns and a desire to improve is always on the mind, for numerous reasons. If you have a family, you want to promote this to your children and set a good example. Perhaps you’re younger without kids and in a relationship, looking to impress your significant other with a quality diet and exercise programme. We all want to support a healthier lifestyle by any means necessary whenever possible, particularly when stresses like work and longer colder winter nights get in the way.

There are lots of ways to make a positive contribution to your wellbeing. Not just by doing 100 sit-ups a night, but mentally supporting yourself to aid a healthier lifestyle too.

Looking at improving relaxation after a long day at the office or stress at home is needed. What you eat is important, but so is managing your time and routines the best way you can, now more than ever. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can incorporate the popular supplement CBD into your life daily to help support a healthier lifestyle this Spring.


Exercise is an obvious beneficial habit to incorporate into your life. If you eat lots of sugary foods high in fat and don’t burn off those calories, you’ll quickly see the weight pile on where it’s not desired. There are so many ways to do this, ranging from morning runs through the park, to a cycle beside the beach (if you are lucky enough to live near one), to stretching along to yoga walkthroughs on YouTube. The key is to be active; and keep the body moving. Working out is a great way to look and feel positive, but it needs support to see the full effect of your hard work. A balance between exercise and diet is key. You can complement these two key areas in multiple ways:

  • Energy bars
  • Drinks containing electrolytes
  • Healthy protein fuel such as nuts or bananas
  • CBD

‘How can CBD complement my exercise programme?’, we hear you ask. It may not be the first thought you had when you contemplated using this popular food supplement extract, but it’s just one handy way to support a healthier lifestyle you may not have considered. For instance, because it’s not a banned substance in sport, providing it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or other banned substances, an increasing number of athletes are starting to use CBD and accept the food supplement for what it is.

What’s hard to shake off when exercising is that feeling of doing the same repetitive gruelling regime. Routine sometimes goes out of the window because you are focused on other tasks during the day or just feel tired. Adding something like CBD to your diet or consuming it as oil before or after a workout could be a wise habit to introduce, ensuring your mind keeps a familiar pattern and useful habit. Why not introduce CBD into your workout and let us know how you get on?


As we stated, you could add a few drops of oil to a workout routine, simply by placing it under the tongue with a bottle of CBD oil. But did you know one of the most popular ways to use CBD is by vaping a CBD vape oil? Smoking is a habit millions acknowledge is bad for the wallet — and most importantly physical and mental health short and long term. It becomes an addiction that is very hard to eradicate.

As an alternative, vaping with a vape starter kit is ideal for those that are looking to gradually switch from smoking, because it’s suggested by numerous respected medical organisations as a suitable transitional tool to help give up cigarettes.


In particular for smokers, it keeps up the habit of holding something in your hand and inhaling, without taking thousands of bad chemicals such as tar into the body. If you vape CBD instead, it’s a natural substance from the cannabis plant, accounting for 40% of its extract. Your mind will still be on inhaling, but without the nicotine addiction. For many, it will be more of a familiar habit, instead of remembering to take drops of CBD oil before bed or adding it when cooking in a hurry.


"Cooking with CBD?", we now hear you say. If the idea of vaping or placing drops under your tongue doesn’t sound appealing, then you can always incorporate the CBD oil with your food and drink.

Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fatty acids, why not make a CBD salad dressing to have as your post-workout snack? Or how about a few drops placed in your morning juice? There are some fantastic recipes online, whether that’s baking cakes using CBD or enjoying alongside savoury snacks which adds a different dimension to your favourite meals.

For those who don’t mind the slightly bitter flavour of CBD oil, Full Spectrum CBD Oil is certainly a real favourite.


Life often feels repetitive; from waking up to going to sleep, humans can often feel like robots that do the same chores and responsibilities day after day. Finding the time to unwind and declutter the mind is so important and often overlooked. When did you last take a relaxing bath? With CBD bath bombs, which you can create yourself at home with a few essential oils including the key ingredient, you can find a way to let your worries wash away.

In fact, CBD can even blend nicely with massage oils containing lavender or rosehip to make nice massage oils for tense muscular areas of the body. CBD is also available in creams and lip gloss to support moisturising the skin daily, keeping up that routine of freshness and taking care of your lips and skin. Simply searching for these self-care pampering products can add a new spice to your routines and help in ways you didn’t even realise.

Should you have any specific questions regarding our range of CBD products and their use, feel free to contact our friendly customer services team.

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