What’s in Vape Juice?

What’s in Vape Juice?


E-liquid, also known as a vape juice, is an essential component of any vape experience. Without it, you can not inhale the nicotine you need to replace cigarettes. It includes a mixture of ingredients, which when heated forms vapour ready to inhale. In addition, there is also vape juice containing CBD, which many try as an alternative method to CBD oral drops. So without further adieu, let’s investigate what exactly is in vape juice and how it differs from the ingredients of cigarettes.


The Key Ingredients in Vape Juice

One of the most important aspects of vape juice and the reason for its creation is to substitute cigarettes with a product that contains the key ingredient nicotine but doesn’t include the other dangerous toxins involved in smoking. The idea with vaping e-liquids including nicotine is you can pick the amount that replicates your previous habits and then reduce that level. Nicotine is not a healthy substance and is addictive. However, for many smokers it’s a necessity, so with vaping, you can include it at your own pace without removing completely cold turkey. And when you get to nearly zero, you can even pick a nicotine-free vape juice until you're ready to completely stop. As a side note, CBD vape juice does not include nicotine, as the two do not go together.


Two other key ingredients that are often mixed in vape juice are Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. These chemical compounds which are often used in food production or chemical production are odourless liquids with different properties. While vegetable glycerine, often abbreviated as VG is a thicker and denser liquid that’s naturally sweet, propylene glycol, referred to as PG is a thin liquid with a slightly sweet taste.

Aside from those three ingredients, vape juice contains flavourings and water.

What Do the Different Combinations of Ingredients Create?

What goes into the vape juice defines how it tastes upon inhale, the amount of cloud production, the throat hit and the flavour, whether with CBD or nicotine. A vaper can pick and choose how it feels and tastes. If you’re seeking plenty of clouds, for example, a higher amount of VG will create the volume needed. It will feel smoother and yet sweeter. In contrast, vape juice with more PG naturally produces the throat hit that replicates the kickback you get from a cigarette. Because it’s less sweet than PG, the vape juice will bring the flavourings to life more of the e-liquid you choose, whether that’s cherry, tobacco or lemon. 

The amount of nicotine included in the vape juice will also have an impact on the flavour of your e-liquid. If there is a higher amount of nicotine, it does make a stronger-tasting vape juice. There are now in most recent times two types of nicotine profiles. To begin with, there were only freebase nicotine e-liquids, which are usually available in medium to higher strengths and produce a stronger flavour. But in fact, freebase nicotine is harsher on the throat, and some former smokers may love to reproduce the sensation, yet not all. This is where the newer and now very popular nic salts enter the discussion. They are much smoother on the throat because the acidic level of the nicotine is reduced with a PH balancer called Benzoic Acid added to nic salt vape juice.


So Which Vape Juice is Best For You?

It all comes down to personal preference and what you hope to get from your vape juice. Are you just hoping for something simple that gives you the nicotine rush that you need at your required level? Or perhaps you want to explore some new flavours that would never be expected in a cigarette? Whatever you decide, we are happy to help guide you in your journey to select the right vape juice, so feel free to reach out to our customer service team for any assistance.


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