A Guide To CBD

Are you ready to try CBD but don’t know where to start?

 The world of CBD (Cannabidiol) can at times be a confusing

one if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Check out this quick guide to CBD to get an understanding of the variety of products that are available for you to consume and enjoy on a daily basis.

What Is CBD?

A quick lesson in plant biology. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 70 Cannabinoids found naturally in the Cannabis Plant. Like all plants there are many varieties of the Cannabis plant. Hemp is the variety that contains the most CBD and very little THC making it ideal for the extraction and inclusion in CBD products in the UK. 

THC or Tetrahydocannabinol is the Cannabinoid in the Cannabis or Marijuana plant that has the psychoactive effects and is illegal to sell in the UK.    

Humans all have an Endocannabinoid System, which was discovered in 1992 at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem by Dr Lumir Hanus and Dr William Devane. However, the journey to it’s discovery started long before that in 1895.

All of the scientific milestones along the “time” journey to 1992 are significant because all of this research data turned the research community on it’s head as they re-discovered all the wonderful properties of the cannabis plant and how it works with the body’s own Endocannabinoid System.


You will either need an oil to use under your tongue (sublingually) or CBD e-liquid for vaping

CBD comes in a variety of options, that is mainly down to the extraction process (what is extracted from the hemp plant and used in the CBD product itself)

Then the concentration of CBD in the bottle you are buying will vary. Not every bottle of CBD is the same, you might be comparing to decide which product you will purchase. Make sure you understand what exactly is in the bottle when you are comparing, you want to look for these key points:

Extraction process - how it was extracted from the hemp plant

CBD extracted - Isolate, Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum

Carrier Oil - what the CBD comes in (different in oral drops v vape e-liquid)

Additional Ingredients 

True CBD and THC levels per mg 


Start with low strengths and then increase the strength until you find the one that you are happy with. Using CBD is a bit like dieting: it is a journey and is not instant so keep with for at least 3 months before you give up.


There are many ways to use CBD oil, and as the industry continues to expand, our options will only increase. However, four of the most popular ways to use CBD oil right now are sublingually, topically, orally or vaping. Want to know more about this? Here’s a brief overview of how you can enjoy CBD oil:

SUBLINGUALLY: If you’re using CBD oil sublingually, place 2-3 drops of CBD underneath your tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds. It’s important that you do this as if you swallow too early, you run the risk of your stomach acid breaking down the CBD. 

ORALLY: Another way to consume CBD oil is orally. Why not add a couple of drops to a smoothie, health drink or your food? This is a perfectly effective way to take CBD oil, and it’s also a good way to disguise the taste if you’re unsure about it. 

TOPICALLY: Due to its hydrating properties, CBD oil is quickly becoming a favourite in the beauty world. In fact, many brands are now embracing the trend and including CBD and hemp as essential ingredients in their ranges. To use CBD oil topically, simply apply to your skin in place of a moisturiser or serum.

VAPING: There are several reasons why people may prefer to vape CBD rather than consume it. For starters, vaping is considered to be one of the fastest ways for your body to absorb CBD meaning that it’ll enter your bloodstream quickly. Another advantage is that you can choose a flavour, as not everyone is a fan of the natural, earthy taste of CBD oil. If you’re looking to vape CBD, you will need to purchase CBD vape e-liquid rather than CBD drops.

At VSAVI, our CBD oil UK drops are available in 10ML bottles in five different strengths: 300mg, 400mg, 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg. 

Alternatively, our CBD vape UK oil is available in 10ML bottles in a selection of flavours and in five different strengths: 50mg, 100mg, 300mg, 500mg or 1000mg. 


There are several options for e-liquid CBD, we sell a full spectrum and broad spectrum option in the original unflavoured variety.

E-liquids are designed to be used with a vape pen or vaping device

In order to vape the CBD a PG and VG carrier of 80:20 PG/VG is used. Nothing else is added as it completely unnecessary. Our e-liquids are a CBD Isolate which simply means the CBD has been isolated during the extraction process so that at the end of the process you are left with mostly just the CBD, no other parts of the hemp plant including any THC.

CBD vaping has one of the highest bioavailabilities (that is how effectively the body absorbs something). The process of heating the CBD e-liquid and turning it into vapour which you inhale makes it more easily absorbed. 


Available in a range of strengths and concentrations, between 300mg – 1500mg of CBD per 10ml bottle, you can use CBD Drops either directly under the tongue or as a supplement to your food or drink. 

Ours are made with a really good Olive Oil. So there are no funny substances in these - CBD and Olive Oil only.

Place these directly under you tongue and hold for about 90 seconds before swallowing. Saliva helps break down the CBD which facilitates absorption into the bloodstream. You can mix this with your food or add it to a drink (NOT alcohol, coffee or tea) but it really is better to just do it neat under the tongue, hold and then swallow.

These drops are available as an Isolate and in Full Spectrum. Without a doubt, Full Spectrum products are the ones most favoured by our customers.

 Using 100% organic olive oil, unflavoured CBD Vape Oil is completely natural and contains no additives or ingredients except for the Hemp Plant itself. Containing only CBD, the flavour you will experience is a distinctive hemp flavour, which can be a herbaceous, nutty and bitter flavour to taste. 

If you’re concerned from a moral, religious, ethical or medical point of view about the relationship of Hemp, Cannabis and the cannabinoid THC, then the Unflavoured CBD Vape Oil are the ones for you.



 Because you are essentially simulating the smoking experience, you may find that taste and flavour will play an important part in the process of using CBD daily. If you’re not too keen on the flavour of hemp, then you may choose a flavour that your palate may be more accustomed to. 

Not everyone likes the natural taste of hemp so we have some great flavours that compliment and soften the natural hemp flavour.

We do not recommend adding the CBD Vape oil to your favourite E Liquid. Find a CBD flavour hat works for you and vape it “neat” for the best results.

Strawberry flavoured CBD  Strawberry flavour CBD  Apple flavour CBD


 Still on the subject of great flavour we have some CBD Vape Oil that is especially infused with authentic flavours that occur naturally in the Hemp Plant: Lemon Haze with terpenes and OG Kush terpene infused are well known amongst cannabis users and if you love those distinct flavours then this CBD is the one for you.

Terpenes is the more correct term for the flavours which you taste and smell. They are produced by the natural essential oils that are found in plants.

CBD with terpenese  CBD with terpenes


This is our favourite Vape oil and definitely our most popular. It is called Full Spectrum because nothing has been taken out during the extraction process. So apart from CBD it also has traces of other cannabinoids such as THCV, CBCVA and CBL. Remember there are more than 70 cannabinoids in the Cannabis Plant.

Apart from the addition cannabinoids all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fibres, terpenes and flavonoid have also been left behind. This one is packed full of healthy goodies. It also contains minimal traces of THC (NOT enough to make you high but not enough to be illegal and not enough to produce any negative effect).

Because it contains all these other good things it boosts what scientists call the “entourage effect” which is really important if you are going to use CBD. We suggest you Google it! We would give you the link but we are not allowed!

Please note that if you think that you do not need a CDB product with all of the above then stock to the CBD isolate products listed above.  




Taking higher strengths can be more a more cost-effective option to consider if you plan to use CBD on a regular basis as you will essentially require less in the way of product. This is especially true in the case of the CBD Drops.

1500mg CBD oil  1500mg CBD oil  1000mg cbd oil


Should be in the kind of career that requires you to attend random drug tests, we would always recommend using a lower strength concentration of CBD product to avoid any unwanted or unwarranted attention - avoid Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil or Drops.