VSAVI CBD Vape Oil OG Kush With Terpenes 300mg
VSAVI CBD Vape Oil OG Kush With Terpenes 500mg

VSAVI CBD Vape Oil OG Kush With Terpenes 10ml

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OG Kush flavoured CBD e-liquid with terpenes for vaping

This new  VSAVI CBD e-liquid contains real cannabis flavours which come from the popular terpenes and the OG Kush strain.

How to use CBD vape oil  

For your optimum CBD vape, we suggest keeping it as simple as possible. Therefore our suggested option is to get your CBD e liquid first then head on over and get our e-Liquid Kit or our CBD Pen Kit, these are rechargeable kits with battery and mini-tank and are therefore ideally suited to compliment your vaping. Take the option to add additional CBD vape oil refills ie. Ex-blanks at the discount price and if you vape CBD regularly you may need a 2nd battery to use while recharging.

Ideally, you need a separate tank for your CBD e liquid, you should not use the tank/coil combination that you generally use to vape e liquid. There are a number of reasons for this so keep your CBD vaping separate to your e liquid vape.

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