Vapour2 USB Express Charger

Vapour2 Express Charger

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This USB Charger can charge Vapour2 Classic and EX Series Batteries nearly twice as fast as the original Vapour2 charger.

It’s also designed to prevent overcharging.

The new Vapour2 Express Charger is a mini “Smart” Charger USB without the cord.

The Express Charger will recharge both Vapour2 Classic Batteries and Vapour2 EX Series Batteries.

This handy device fits into any standard USB port and contains an updated internal chip. It charges faster — nearly twice as fast as the original Vapour2 charger - and incorporates safety features to prevent overcharging.

You'll see the Vapour2 Express Charger testing your battery charge every few minutes. A blue glow indicates your battery is fully charged.


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