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Vapour2 PRO Series 3X CBD Vaporizer

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This is our top of the range advanced small scale CBD solution. The new Pro 3X CBD vape pen has new advanced features, 2 CBD e-liquid cartridges (1 ceramic & 1 with changeable coils), 3 coils (0.9, 1.2 & 1.5 ohm), sub-ohm performance and larger battery capacity. It has the flexibility to be used as a vaporizer for a number of vaping mediums.

Variable CBD Vapour production

Variable voltage and temperature settings coupled with adjustable airflow and a choice of cartridge resistance delivers a truly custom experience. This allows the user to change vapour production and hence the amount of CBD absorbed. This flexibility allows you to start with lower levels of CBD and then if required, increase the dose to suit by altering the vapour production using a combination of the 3X's features. The Motion Activated LED battery sensor shows you the remaining battery charge, at a glance.

Sleek and portable, the Series 3X offers the mobility of the PRO Series 3, plus some nice new features for ease of use and great vaping.

New Advanced Features

The Series 3X vape pen comes with a variety of new features for the ultimate CBD experience. Variable power settings, micro-drilled LED indicator lights and compatible sub-ohm cartridge technology is just the beginning.

  • Interchangeable CBD atomizers in 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm
  • Variable voltage, temperature, and airflow
  • Motion activated LED battery life indicator
  • Ceramic heater produce a cleaner, pure flavour profile
  • Compatible with your Series 3 CBD device and accessories
  • Battery capacity has been upgraded to 750 mAh  (PRO 3S is 650mAh)

Series 3X CBD cartridges are versatile, allowing for CBD vape oil, PG or VG usage. Interchangeable atomizers come in 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm, giving the Series 3X CBD cartridge universal e-liquid compatibility. A ceramic heater delivers maximum vapour and clean, rich flavour. 

The Series 3X CBD e-liquid cartridge has a built-in adjustable ring that allows you to choose more or less airflow. The long last battery is very quick to recharge.

The new PRO Series 3X CBD Vape Kit:

  • One Series 3X CBD Vaporizer
  • One Series 3 Sub-Ohm Ceramic CBD E-Liquid Cartridge
  • One Series 3X CBD Oil Cartridge (adjustable airflow)
  • Three interchangeable atomizers. 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm
  • One magnetic USB charging cord

Changing the temperature or the atomizer will allow you to select the settings to suit your personal vaping preferences and taste. The PRO S3X is both flexible and versatile but also very easy to use.

Varying CBD Absorption

The amount of CBD vapour produced when vaping will have a bearing as to the amount of CBD absorbed. More vapour means more CBD oil has been vaporized. By combining the features of the 3X vape pen you can alter the CBD vapour production to fine tune your exact requirements if required.

  1. Each of the 3 coils with different resistances will apply different temperatures to the CBD vape oil when vaping. Lower coil resistances produce more vapour than higher resistances.
  2. The 3X also has 3 temperature settings. Higher temperatures produce more CBD vapour
  3. The small air-flow adjuster can be used to change the air intake to CBD vapour ratio inhaled. This also changes the feel and flavour when vaping.

Using a combination of the variables listed above allows the user full control of their CBD vaping. It is also possible that using the Pro 3X when compared to a basic CBD vape pen, you can absorb more CBD from a given CBD vape oil concentration.


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