Everything You Need to Know About CBD Disposables

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CBD is an in-demand product right now across the UK, second only to the USA as the largest cannabinoids consumer market. The food supplement is available in a variety of formats, from edibles to CBD drops that form a part of your daily routine. Another popular method is vaping, which means the initial cost of investing in not just the CBD e-liquid, but a suitable tank, battery and charger as part of a CBD vape kit. 

In recent times as a short-term option or alternative, we’ve seen the emergence of CBD disposables for those who want a convenient setup. So, are these the future of the CBD market? Will they get you high, or do they not contain THC? Vsavi answers all you need to know about CBD disposable vape pens below.

CBD Disposables Explained

If you have vaped a disposable nicotine e-liquid before, you will recognise straight away they’re very similar in shape, design and performance. Granted, they contain a different substance, but the method of enjoying CBD is the same.

Once out of the packet, they contain up to 600 puffs of CBD depending on the make and model, often available in a variety of flavours. You simply vape it mouth to lung via the mouthpiece at the front of the device.

CBD disposables are intended to give CBD enthusiasts a taste of what’s to come while removing the fuss of needing to stump up additional cash for vape kit accessories.

Do CBD Disposables Get You High?

No, the majority of CBD disposables contain no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which acts as the psychoactive ingredient that’s found in cannabis and causes the ‘high’. Providing you pick a reputable brand that produces CBD disposables in a quality-assured environment that reports their findings on how much THC is in the product, you’re good to go with vaping a CBD disposable and not having to concern yourself about the chances of getting high.

What’s in a CBD Disposable? How Many Puffs Do They Contain?

CBD disposables are not too different from nicotine e-liquid vape pen kits and disposable e-cigarettes. Containing either Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) or a mixture of both, these compounds determine the cloud production, flavour and throat hit of e-liquids by acting as the base. You get the same base in a CBD disposable, but instead of nicotine as the key ingredient, it’s cannabidiol (CBD), extracted from the cannabis plant without THC. Generally, most CBD disposables contain between 400-600 puffs. It’s recommended by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that adults do not exceed more than 70mg a day as a precaution, so if you have a CBD disposable measuring at 150mg, it’s best to not exceed this amount and puff maximum half of that during the day.

Why Pick a CBD Disposable?

  • These handheld devices are comfortable compact options for inhaling CBD without requiring product maintenance or CBD cartridge replacement
  • Often low strength, CBD disposables are great for beginners who are unaware of what strength will work for them. To begin with we advise just a couple of puffs a day and increase when/if you seek a higher dosage
  • Available in lots of different flavours, so you can pick something to suit your preference
  • Short term they cost more than a vape kit if used over a long period, but a useful reference to see if you like the product
  • For those who already vape nicotine e-liquids, it’s an easy transition by picking up a device that works in a similar fashion

CBD Disposable or CBD Vape Kit - You Decide

For an entry into CBD vaping, you can’t beat the convenience and subtle nature of inhaling a high-quality disposable CBD vape pen. They offer a low amount of cloud and you can try low dosage strengths without needing to think about the accessories that go alongside a vape pen for standard CBD vaping. 

Nevertheless, a CBD e-liquid kit also has its advantages as a long-term option should you want the smooth and fast absorption of CBD regularly, working out as a better long-term cost-effective method too. Overall, it depends on your level of CBD use, as well as factoring individual needs and considerations such as weight and height, which also change what strength of CBD will work for you.


Our Favourite CBD Disposable Pens

Darwin CBD - coming in two strengths 150 Broad Spectrum and 300mg Isolate and 14 interesting flavours you are spoilt for choice. Darwin is fast becoming the vapers choice for CBD e-liquid.

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