Finding Your Calm During a Stressful Winter

Finding Your Calm During a Stressful Winter

It’s not only animals that want to hibernate for the winter months, as we all dream of a quick fast forward to the New Year, warmer weather and longer days. For many, largely due to the Coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has been a challenging and upsetting time.

With winter on our doorstep, it’s natural to feel stressed, in particular during the colder months of the year. The clocks have gone back because of daylight saving, which usually means commuting to and from work in the dark and feeling busier than ever.

What do you feel like doing when getting in the house? Reach for a blanket and wrapping up sounds about right! There must be a way to find calm during a stressful winter? Let’s discover hobbies and methods we can all do to keep up the spirits.


This is an obvious one, because what’s not to love about Christmas? Turn up the classic seasonal hits in your humble abode. Decorating the festive tree or singing some carols is exactly what the doctor ordered. Alternatively, watch an iconic film to get in the mood like It’s a Wonderful Life or Love Actually. Why not try your hand in the kitchen and get out the recipe book to whip up a delightful batch of festive cookies? Blending those with creative mild ingredients like CBD will allow all your worries to wash away and soothe the soul during a demanding year of ups and downs.


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one reading this feeling the effects of winter. Life is full of surprises and challenges which test our physical and mental strength. It’s how we cope with them and move forward that’s key. The body reacts naturally to signs of stress, with the mind sending signals to the body to put up a fight. When anxiety kicks in, that can lead to muscular pain and a numbing sensation, which is a common symptom.

Just remember we’re all in the same boat and there are ways to alleviate this. One example which is a great way to unwind involves running a bath. It may seem obvious but often overlooked because of life pressures or lack of time to take a moment for yourself. If you can sneak a moment of peace and reflection in, add a couple of CBD oil drops along with your essential bath oils into your tub.


Being at one with nature is a common understanding and expression between us and the great outdoors. When you feel connected, all seems right with the world. However, in the winter months where the nights draw in sooner and the frosty chill sets in, naturally you would rather cosy up in front of a fire. It’s common knowledge that even a bit of light exercise can work wonders for relieving stress.

With gyms around the UK struggling to stay open during the pandemic, a walk in mother nature is the perfect solution. Wherever you’re based, rest assured a local stroll in the countryside is a great way to release endorphins; stimulating the mind, keeping you fit to appreciate the smaller details in life we often overlook.


Often feeling in a state of darkness during the winter, waking up and seeing the sun set at just after 3pm is not ideal. What you need is a pick me up. A way to soothe the body and warm it up too! Whether you like a nice cup of caffeinated coffee to pick-up your mind in the morning, or a relaxing cup of tea, many like to mix either with a hint of CBD to give you that much needed boost.


Life changes can go a long way to improving your mood. Routine and a familiar pattern can feel a bit much across all the seasons. Nevertheless, it’s usually during the winter that it weighs us down a little more. Therefore, taking an alternative approach can do a world of good.

For instance, if you want to challenge yourself intellectually, pick up a language book and try to learn a few new words in Spanish, German, or whatever takes your fancy. Even kicking old habits such as those damaging your health is possible.

Reducing sugary food or giving up smoking can improve multiple aspects of your life. There are always ways to help you overcome any struggles and it’s usually by removing it and replacing it with a new focus that leads to an inspiring change of pace.


It’s not just our body internally that gets tired during the cold stretch. Without vitamin D and those lovely days sunbathing in the summer, your skin lacks that natural glow, sometimes drying up and beginning to crack if not looked after.

Finding the right moisturiser and mixing with a little CBD allows you to look after yourself in the best way possible. Researching supplements to assist your lifestyle goals is an additional help too. You could even try a blend of CBD oil and some essential oils to make a CBD balm, applying to the body in a massage motion on aching areas.


We all know the challenges of the pandemic in the UK during 2020. In and out of lockdowns and isolation like a yo-yo. While some may be able to visit parents, friends or partners depending on the tier where they’re situated, sadly everyone can’t curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Nevertheless, where there is technology, the fun can still be had with those dearest to you. With video applications like Zoom and Skype, you can set up video links and get involved in the virtual festive fun. That might be through quizzes, games like charades or just a catch up at an important time of the year.


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These are just a few creative ways to get over the hump and feel positive, even with a cold winter chill. Looking after your wellbeing is so important and stress will only contribute to a negative aura, damaging your health in the process. Taking a positive spin on life, getting active and enthusiastic about each winter day is the right step forward. Adopting a calm approach makes sense, so to make your life easier by finding the right products, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us for any assistance.

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