What's the Difference Between Full Spectrum Oil Drops & CBD Isolate?

What's the Difference Between Full Spectrum Oil Drops & CBD Isolate?

If you aren't sure what the different forms of CBD are then you are not alone.

As more products hit the shelves each week, customers are left with more questions than answers - chief among these, the difference between the immensely popular Full Spectrum CBD Drops and the stellar rise of CBD isolate. So, what exactly is the difference between the two and what one is potentially right for your needs?

What is Full Spectrum Oil?

A natural powerhouse, full spectrum oil is a CBD product that contains all the cannabinoids present in a normal plant. Including the 100 distinct, naturally occurring cannabinoids allows them to interact with each other in ways that we are yet to fully understand – potentially helping the process. This also includes a number of terpenes, flavonoids and selection of elements such as helpful vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, and more. This effectively making it an ‘all in one’ delivery system that can be taken as drops on the tongue, in tincture form, or as you need. While it is impossible and irresponsible to make concrete claims about their medical benefits, this potentially allows users to get the most bang for their buck from the product and has continued to sell well; often becoming a part of the daily routines of many individuals. Some potential positives include it being-

- An ‘all in one’ solution that is natural and comprehensive.

- An easy access point for helpful terpenes as well as valuable cannabinoids.

- An exceptionally cost-effective product that is easy to take.

What is CBD Isolate?

By contrast, isolate is exactly what it says on the tin – a product that is CBD and CBD only. Created by removing other natural elements from the mix, CBD isolate takes the form of a crystalline powder that can be consumed in a variety of different ways and purities. This flexibility allows you to add it to meals, energy drinks, and more – making it popular with the time-pressed, ‘always on’ crowd. While this is more ‘unadulterated’ than full spectrum oil, it has been less popular with individuals who enjoy more natural CBD solutions. Some potential positives include it being- - Pure CBD with up to 99% purity - Finely processed to the highest of standards - Made from a granular composition, which allows it to be easier to measure.

Which is worth trying?

While it’s always worth experimenting with a number of products before settling on one that’s right for you, ‘shopping around’ can be as time-consuming as it is expensive. Bearing this in mind, we would always recommend that individuals start with a more approachable solution like an Full Spectrum Oil before moving to more advanced products like isolate. This can help you ‘find your feet’ and be sure that it’s right for your daily routine and needs. Some key reasons why include-

Natural Beauty: Full Spectrum solutions contain all the natural elements and cannabinoids found in the plant. This not only provides additional support but ensures no contaminants or other elements are involved in the process. While isolate is produced to the most exacting of standards, removing complimentary terpenes and flavonoids is always going to be a net loss.

Cost Effectiveness: At the end of the day, CBD isolate is costly to produce and that expense is almost always shouldered by the consumer. The normal process deploys Co2 or ethanol and requires significant time, skilled technicians, and expensive equipment. If you’re on a budget, it’s often just better to go full spectrum.

Flexible Applications: While CBD isolate is designed to be easy to manage and add to your products, choosing a full spectrum solution allows you to easily take it as needed throughout your day. This is most commonly deployed as ‘drops’ that can be carried in your bag or briefcase, allowing you to dose as required. By contrast, measuring and mixing isolate requires time and significant pre-planning. While it’s helpful to give both a shot, we would always recommend going as natural as possible when it comes to choosing a CBD solution. While isolate may be attractive, the removal of plant matter and other naturally occurring elements often proves to be an issue for many potential users – making a full spectrum solution the ideal first port of call for many users. However, it is important to remember that – while research is ongoing – CBD does not provide recognised benefits and should never be a replacement for professional treatment.

Any supplements should be only ever be taken as complement to a wellness regime built around comprehensive physical and mental health care.

What next?

If you want to learn more about CBD isolate, our team are here to help. If you have questions and queries about our current range of CBD oils, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly and let us know exactly what you need to make an informed choice for your unique situation or needs.

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