What is the Strongest CBD Oil in the UK?

What is the Strongest CBD Oil in the UK?

Reportedly set to reach one billion pounds by 2025, the popularity of CBD vape oil continues to skyrocket. Known for its reported benefits to relieve symptoms of anxiety, inflammation and even insomnia, CBD products are available throughout the UK in a variety of strengths, flavours and methods to take orally.

But what does the strongest CBD vape oil in the UK do and how can it benefit you daily? When should you be taking CBD to have the biggest effect and is there a particular method that is stronger than all others? Because you can take CBD gummies, vape CBD oils (known as CBD e-liquids), add drops onto your tongue and even in balms, we explore the strongest and fastest routes to absorb CBD into the system so you can kickstart each day with CBD.

What is CBD Oil?

Let’s begin by explaining what CBD stands for, as there are lots of different ways to take CBD.

CBD oil generally refers to oral drops of CBD, which are available in strengths ranging from 300mg up to 6000mg!

Cannabidiol, shortened to CBD, is the active ingredient in cannabis which is derived from the hemp plant. There are three key types of CBD oil; namely broad spectrum, full spectrum and CBD isolate:

  • CBD Isolate – the purest form of CBD oil, taking out all other compounds found in cannabidiol to isolate as the sole compound.
  • CBD Full Spectrum – Creates the ‘entourage effect’ by multiplying the impact of each cannabinoid for the full CBD oil experience, containing a mixture of terpenes, essential oils and other cannabinoids
  • CBD Broad Spectrum – A combination of CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum. All of THC is removed from Broad Spectrum, like CBD Isolate oils, but the remaining extracted ingredients from Full Spectrum CBD are kept.

How is This Different From CBD Vape Juice?

While CBD vape juice is the typical name given to CBD e-liquids for vape kits, CBD oil is another name that people relate to CBD drops which are placed under the tongue orally (another method to ingest CBD) other than vaping. The two terms often get mixed up, as some people refer to CBD oil as the type of liquid you use in CBD vape kits.

Absorbing CBD through a vape is the fastest method known to work in the system and provide the benefits reported above, which would be incorporated into your daily routine, whether that’s vaping in the morning, during work or before bed.

The CBD vape juice works by heating via a vape coil, which conducts electricity, acting as the heating element to vaporise the e-liquid, turning CBD vape juice into vape oil which can be inhaled into the lungs and puffed back at, as you would a standard vape e-liquid (which often contains nicotine).

To help those who may be confused between the two, both will have a milligram strength on the bottle, whether that’s for oral CBD drops or CBD e-liquids. But the difference is in the ingredients, which can be found on the side of each bottle, or as displayed on the website. If the bottle contains VG or PG in the ingredients list, this is only a chemical which you vaporise and inhale directly into the lungs.

What Defines a ‘Strong’ CBD Vape Oil?

A high-strength CBD can affect every person differently. There are a few factors to consider when taking CBD, especially for the first time. As general advice, to not take a CBD that is too strong for the body and mind initially, it’s always recommended by various manufacturer brands to start with a lower strength, which is typically between 300-500mg and work your way up to the required dosage that makes an impact in your daily routine.

While vaping CBD can feel stronger initially, due to its faster absorption, oral CBD drops release slowly for longer over time, so that’s another consideration to make.

What defines the strength of a CBD e-liquid or other type of product is the percentage of milligrams per millilitre. How it is extracted and what the type of ingredients are also matters greatly. Ideally, you want to find a product with high-quality ingredients and the best extraction met, which also costs the most, via a CO2 extraction method, which provides the cleanest solution.

What is the Strongest CBD Vape Oil in the UK?

CBD strengths can go up to 6000mg, but come at a hefty price for CBD consumers, so the strength depends on how high you want to go. Typically, those familiar with CBD products that use and benefit from the popular product regularly opt for a strength between 1000mg-2000mg once they get used to it.

It’s all based on personal preference and what you can manage. As stated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), it’s advised not to consume more than 10mg a day of CBD. So, with that in mind, a 6000mg bottle would last more than a year. Therefore, it also depends on whether you want to have a lower strength that lasts longer or ingest or vape a bottle with a higher potency which will degrade over time.

Always bear in mind to check the bottle and only take what is recommended by the manufacturer as a guideline, alongside the guidelines set out by the FSA. Factors such as gender, body weight and height can also contribute to the effect of the highest strength on a person based in the UK.

Choosing the Right CBD Strength

So now you know that vaping CBD is the fastest method to absorb CBD and oral drops are the way to go for slow release, you need to pick the best strength.

Bear in mind that CBD is an ever-changing market that while heavily regulated is still only about a decade into research about its effects and benefits, as well as long-term impact.
Side effects of CBD are like nicotine vapes to replace cigarettes. There may be some dizziness or nausea, which can depend on factors like body type, and the strength of CBD dosage you select, as well as how much you take each day.

When these factors are combined with strong ingredients and the right extraction method, it can all add up to a good or bad batch of CBD products.

Below we highlight what we believe are the best CBD oil brands on the market right now in 2024 and the types of flavour profiles and strengths you can expect.

Three of the Best CBD Vape Juice Brands

Vsavi Vsavi CBD Full Spectrum Oil 500mg Citrus


Vsavi CBD oils are available in a wide range of strengths that cater to different people and their preferences or reasons for wanting to take CBD. Starting at 500mg, with 1000mg and 2000mg strengths, you can scale up or down based on how the potency makes you feel.
For beginners, we recommend starting at 500mg and seeing how you get on, with the benefits apparent within 4-6 weeks.

As we said earlier, they’re slow-releasing products, placed under the tongue for 30 seconds to one minute, and best absorbed by holding by the cheeks in the inside of your mouth.
The flavours from the Vsavi CBD oils are a nice introductory to kick-start your daily routine with three options: peppermint, citrus and natural.

At the base of the oil, you have a coconut-derived MCT oil, which adds a mild hint of sweetness to the overall flavour profile of your chosen CBD oil.

Because it’s a full spectrum oil, this means Vsavi offer a CBD product that contains all the natural terpenes and flavourings extracted from the cannabis plant. However, like all regulated CBD products in the UK, it’s below the maximum threshold of 0.2% THC, the chemical which creates the high from traditional cannabis.

Orange County CBD Oil (1000mg)

Orange County

Next up we have Orange County, which is one of the up-and-coming CBD brands in the UK. Established in 2019, on the back of an inspiring trip to California where they researched and found the best ingredients to grow and produce CBD oils and e-liquids, five years later they offer a wide range of fantastic products to UK consumers.

With exciting vape CBD e-liquid flavours such as Cherry OG Kush from the ‘Cali’ range and original food supplement CBD oil oral strength drops ranging from 500mg as high as 6000mg, they’re at an exciting point of growth, with tons of CBD oil options available by Orange County.

Darwin CBD + CBG Disposable Vape 500mg


Finally, we have established the UK brand Darwin, which offers all types of CBD products in 300-1500mg strengths. Whether you like CBD e-liquids with an isolated formula (pure CBD with no added extras) or CBD offerings to vape conveniently such as disposables, Darwin has got you covered with some exciting flavours ranging from sweet to natural.

Their brand tends to focus more on CBD vape products, as they see it as the most effective way to take CBD but keep an eye out for CBD vape oils too in the future as they continue to grow.

The highest CBD strength oil for you should be carefully considered before purchasing. It’s important to know to take oral drops or vape CBD that is too high, too soon. Instead, it’s better advised to build up your tolerance gradually to a level that suits you, while not exceeding the FSA recommended daily allowance.

Above, we have a few brands that we believe offer high-strength CBD oil in a variety of formats that can help as an introduction to an industry that’s rapidly increasing in popularity. Keep an eye out in 2024 as we not only add to this blog but also our range of CBD oils to get you started on the right track with high-quality ingredients that make a lasting impact on your body and daily routine.

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