Why Flavoured CBD E-Liquid Might Be for You

CBD Tropical Mango Flavour

Love CBD, but not so keen on the natural flavour that the popular hemp extract exudes? Often described as earthy, nutty and even grassy - there's no getting away from the fact that CBD has somewhat of an acquired taste. The current popularity of CBD means that there are now an incredible variety of ways for consumers to support the healthy lifestyle they desire. Let's take a look at why opting for a flavoured CBD e-liquid might be for you. 

Vaping CBD

If you didn't know already, CBD is great for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Typically and most commonly available as sublingual oil that can be placed under the tongue or added to food and drink, CBD e-liquid is another hugely popular vehicle for those wishing to use CBD regularly. Vaping CBD is commonly regarded as one of the quickest ways for your body to absorb the cannabinoid molecules and when inhaled, will enter your bloodstream almost immediately via your lungs. 

Why Choose Flavoured CBD?

There's no point vaping just for the sheer hell of it. From eating food to going on expeditions to far off lands – experience, and more importantly a memorable experience is a key factor to whether we choose to return to that activity or not - and vaping is no different. 

If you've tried CBD and have felt an aversion to its unique taste, you should know that you won't be the first and you certainly won't be the last to feel that way. By infusing CBD e-liquid with flavours and aromas that you enjoy and are familiar with, means that ultimately you will enjoy CBD without the wince, and at the same time support the healthy lifestyle you desire

If you're a regular vaper, then you may already have a favourite flavour of e-juice that you abide by. Whether your go-to juice is a zesty lemon or sweet strawberry, you'll know that a decent tasting vape will be key to whether you enjoy your experience or not. Being able to choose a CBD e-liquid that is infused with flavours that you already love means that vaping CBD can now be the enjoyable vape that you're already used to. 

If you've never experienced the pleasure of vaping, then what are you waiting for? Simple, straightforward and easy to use, vaping doesn't have to be complicated. VSAVI's Flavoured CBD Vape Kit comes with everything you need to start vaping CBD straight away, including; 1 x 10ml bottle of your choice of flavour and strength CBD e-liquid, 1 x vape pen battery, 1 x reliable mini tank and a USB charger to re-charge your vape pen battery whenever you need more power.

Which Flavoured CBD Liquid is Right for me?

With nine authentic flavours to choose from VSAVI's Flavoured CBD E-Liquid range provide a truly tasty alternative to the unflavoured CBD that you may be used to. Available in a variety of strength concentrations (100, 300 or 500mg CBD per 10ml bottle), vaping flavoured CBD to support a healthy lifestyle has never been so appetizing. 

VSAVI's flavoured CBD e-liquid includes some fruity options that provide a truly authentic taste to your vape. Choose from strawberry, apple, mango, lemon, peppermint, peach, blueberry, orange and vanilla. 

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