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CBD Vape Kit

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CBD Vape Pen + CBD Vape Oil

We have put together an easy-to-use CBD vape kit for you to enjoy pure CBD vaping simply and safely. This CBD pen kit is simple and very effective in delivering excellent CBD vapour. It is much smaller, lighter and less conspicuous than a mod vape device, meaning it’s great for on-the-go vaping.

CBD Vape Pen Kit Contents:

  • 1 x 10ml bottle Pure Organic CBD vape oil – choose flavour/strength
  • 1 x VSAVI CBD Vape Pen 4.2 Volt battery 
  • 1 x VSAVI Ex-Blank Vape Pen Mini Tank, refillable
  • 1 x USB Smart charger
  • 1 x User guide - please read carefully

Our CBD Vape Pen Kit

Our best CBD vape pen kit builds on the established reputation of the VSAVI’s high-quality products. Discover CBD vaping satisfaction in a compact and simple-to-use shell, suited to a CBD vaper who likes to keep things simple.

Most other small-scale CBD vaporizer vape pen batteries run at 3.7 volts, but our powerful 4.2 volts 380 mAh vape device will give you more power for longer.

Top tip: The vape pen kit can be used with any high PG e-liquid, but it is best to keep your CBD vaping separate from your e liquid vaping to avoid crystallisation.

CBD Vape Oil refills

Each Ex-Blank cartridge will last approximately 10-12 refills, depending on your vaping habits. Fill the cartridge with your CBD e liquid and you have a very powerful, simple and effective CBD vape pen. 

    CBD Vape Oil Information

    •          Only the highest quality and safest European ingredients are used
    •          ORGANIC
    •          99.9% pure and natural
    •          Natural aromas
    •          Completely GMO free
    •          Have not been tested on animals
    •          Prepared in a “clean room” laboratory
    •          Eco friendly production
    •          Integrated supervision by chemical engineers to ensure consistency and safety
    •          Entire production is done within Europe
    •          100% Vegetarian
    •          Only Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol
    •          Gluten Free

    Vsavi CBD vape oil bundle

    Our VSAVI CBD vape oil (e juice) iis produced in Europe in state of the art, specialised laboratories. It is safe, natural, free from contaminates and Contains no more than the legal amount of THC.

    We’ve made it even easier for you to find the perfect CBD product for you by creating a bundle that has everything you need to get started.

    CBD Vape Pen Battery Specs:

    Standard battery: 79mm length, 250Ah capacity. Fully charged lasts around a day.

    CBD Vape Kit Notes

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