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Vsavi CBD Full Spectrum Oil 2000mg

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Take your CBD experience to the highest level with high-quality food supplement drops at 2000mg from Vsavi, at 10mg CBD per drop, containing roughly 20% CBD concentration per 10ml bottle.

This food supplement is easy to use and contains a mixture of naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids extracted from a hemp plant. Using coconut-derived MCT oil as the base produces an intriguing flavour profile.

Three flavours to enjoy with a Natural flavour - perfect if you want to taste the natural flavour of the hemp plant, Citrus - a perfect afternoon pick me up of ripe citrus fruits, Peppermint - perfect for first thing in the morning or winding down for bed with the soothing and refreshing minty taste.

CBD Full Spectrum 2000mg FAQs

How Long Does CBD Take Before Working in Your System?

There is no definitive answer to this as the quantity you take and your body average (weight and height) play a role. We can not advise from a medical point of view as that is not the purpose of the product, nor do we have medical training. However, it’s expected to take between one hour to one and a half hours to absorb into your body system based on manufacturer advice.

What Percentage is 2000mg CBD Oil?

The percentage depends on the strength. A higher milligram dosage of CBD oil as you would expect increases the higher percentage of CBD. At a starting point with this highest strength, you have 20% for 2000mg and then work your way down if you wish to reduce your food supplement CBD levels with 10% for 100mg and 5% for 500mg.

Is 2000mg a strong CBD?

With 2000mg strength, it should put the oomph in your daily routine from this collection of new CBD oil drops, but we wouldn’t recommend starting on this maximum strength right away. It’s advised to start at a lower strength with any CBD bottle and work your way up.

From there you can test to see how it feels and whether it supports some of the reported benefits such as reducing anxiety, aiding sleep and joints, and moving up the strengths if required to a maximum of 2000mg.

* Products expiring by 30/06/24 - final day of purchase. Subject to availability. Includes all flavours and strengths.