Cannabinoids and CBD Variants

Cannabinoids and CBD Variants

Looking to find out more about CBD? You’ve come to the right place. You may already know all about CBD and where it comes from, but did you know that CBD is just one of many similar chemical compounds found to naturally occur in hemp. Let's take a look at cannabinoids and some variants of CBD.

What are Cannabinoids?  

Discovered in the 1960s, cannabinoids are a range of molecular compounds found within the Cannabaceae species of plants. This family of plants that features cannabis and hemp also includes hops which are more commonly used to produce beer. With over a hundred different cannabinoids known to exist, the two cannabinoids that you may be more familiar with are CBD and it’s naughty cousin THC. The latter of which is known for inducing the mind-altering effects that cannabis is so often associated with.

Cannabinoids and CBD Variants

It might be helpful to think of cannabinoids like a structure that changes and evolves based on its circumstance. Similarly to how our skin might change as we age, a simple case of relativity is all that is needed. To put it simply - the molecular structure of a cannabinoid will morph depending on things like heat, light and temperature that it may be subject to whilst growing and once harvested.

If you want to add something to the CBD conversation you may be having at the pub, why not try dropping in with some CBD variants and other cannabinoids to sound like the CBD connoisseur that you are? 

CBD Top of the list, one of the most predominantly found cannabinoids to be found in hemp, using CBD is great for supporting a healthy lifestyle. Unlike THC, cannabidiol, abbreviated to CBD, doesn't have any psychoactive properties which mean it's completely legal and safe to consume.

CBDA Found in the stems and leaves of raw hemp plants that haven’t been exposed to a lot of heat and sun, cannabidiolic acid, abbreviated to CBDA, is very closely related to CBD. Through a process called decarboxylation - heating or smoking to you and me - the acid part of the molecule is removed and then becomes CBD. Non-psychoactive, CBDA is usually extracted by juicing the plant, which can then be used for dressing salads or other cold dishes.

CBG Non-psycho active, CBG or cannabigerol is somewhat of a precursor to both CBD and THC which is the consequence of this one such cannabinoid being exposed to heat and light.

CBN The first cannabinoid isolated by scientists, CBN (cannabinol) is formed when THC becomes exposed to oxygen and heat, as well as naturally occurring as the plant ages.

THC The naughty psychoactive cannabinoid found predominantly in illegal cannabis plants and known for getting users high. 

VSAVI CBD Oil – Full Spectrum Raw

While there are a range of flavoured CBD Oils and CBD Vape Oils to choose from, it’s worth noting the difference between them.

VSAVI produce sublingual oil and vape oil that both contain 100% organic, high-grade hemp-extracted CBD. This is then combined with olive oil for sublingual drops or a blend of PG/VG liquid for the CBD vape juice. For those who might not be so keen on the natural taste of CBD. VSAVI’s range of CBD vape juice includes a choice of fruity flavours to pick from.

For a truly earthy and all-natural taste, VSAVI produces Full Spectrum Raw CBD Sublingual Oil and Vape Oil. This means that you’ll enjoy all that hemp has to offer including all the extra nutrients that are found in the plant, as well as essential vitamins, minerals, terpenes, flavonoids and extra cannabinoids too.

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