CBD Infused Food & Drink

CBD oil infused brownies

For CBD novices and newbies, the number of different products available for purchase here in the UK can be a confusing one. The industry started with a handful of cannabinoid enthusiasts selling CBD infused products to a small market, but has quickly transformed into a broad marketplace with all manner of food, drink and beauty items readily accessible and available to purchase. 

Cast your mind back to five years ago, and the idea of cannabis-related products being sold on the high street would be a lofty vision held by the few and far between. Fast forward to 2019 and the highly popular cannabis extract cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been finding its way into a plethora of food and beverage items. Let’s find out more about what to look out for in CBD infused food and drink, what it means for your well-being.

CBD Infused Food & Drink And What To Expect

If you use CBD regularly to help aid your wellness and relaxation, then the likelihood is that you may be using either CBD oil drops directly under your tongue or CBD e-liquid in your vape pen. Generally considered to be the best way for your body to absorb CBD, both methods are a great way for your body to get all the benefits that CBD can potentially provide, as they work their way into your bloodstream via the mucous glands in your mouth. Quick, direct and effective - consumers of CBD will typically notice the effects within a matter of minutes.

If you intend to ingest CBD infused food and drink products, it’s important to remember that the experience you may be used to while you’ve been using tongue drops or CBD vape oil, will be a different one depending on the manufacturer's dosage.

Rather than your mucus glands absorbing the cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream, instead the CBD has to travel all through your digestive system before being released into your body. As with any journey, the time that it takes CBD to move through your body also comes with the inevitable wear and tear, breaking down CBD’s molecular structure along the way, meaning that the effect it has on your body may not induce the familiar feeling that you may have become accustomed to whilst vaping or using tongue drops.

While you may still benefit from the wellness properties that CBD affords, the reality is that when you infuse your food and drink with the cannabinoid, you will ultimately have to ingest more CBD than when you vape or use tongue drops.

Food & Drink Products With CBD

With many CBD infused products released in the UK towards the end of last year, the popular cannabinoid seems to be coming to the fore more and more, popping up here there and everywhere. Whether found in gummy bear sweets, chocolate, beer, water or even carbonated soda drinks – the future of food and drink looks green as some companies seem to cash in on the latest superfood craze.

In addition to the number of CBD infused products available, restaurateurs and health food aficionados are starting to include a range of CBD items food and drink items on their menus. Keep a lookout for foodie innovators in a town near you soon, concocting cannabinoid dishes for your wellbeing and pleasure.

Creating Your Own CBD Infused Dishes

For those not keen on the acquired taste of CBD, infused food and drink can provide a great alternative to getting the nutrients and minerals that cannabinoid naturally contains. To manage your dosage, why not try creating your very own dishes? As we’ve mentioned on these blogs before, VSAVI tongue drops can be added to juice and coffee or used as an ingredient in your salad dressing and recipes. Our CBD tongue drops are a blend with 100% natural olive oil, so avoid cooking on a high heat – if at all.

Remember – you won’t get high when you use CBD. Products sold here at VSAVI and in the UK, are sourced from industrial hemp which contains a minuscule amount of THC 0.2%. THC is, of course, the infamous psychoactive cannabinoid that has historically given cannabis the misconceived reputation, still held in many quarters of today’s society.

Currently, no palliative or remedial benefits are recognised by the EU and the UK in regards to the medicinal benefits of CBD. However, there is a vast amount of first-hand anecdotal accounts of people being helped by CBD for various conditions. Since we cannot make medical claims about our products, we encourage you to browse the thousands of reputable studies regarding CBD published online and talk with your doctor to see if a CBD supplement is right for you.