Everything You Need to Know About Using CBD On Your Skin

Man holding VSAVI CBD Drops 500ml
The world of CBD is a wide and wonderful plane of ever expanding and exponential discovery. Though no definitive remedial effects have been cast into the ether of public health, there is a wealth of research, information and anecdotal evidence for all to explore. The range of benefits reported by users’ online cover anything from rheumatoid arthritis to quelling anxiety. But have you ever thought about using CBD on your skin?

If you suffer from unwanted acne, cracked skin or are even seeking to iron out some of those wrinkles, then some might say that you should maybe consider trying CBD to see for yourself the potential benefit it might aide to your ailing skin cells.

What Happens When You Apply CBD to Skin?

CBD is one of many cannabinoids found within Cannabis Sativa plants - sourced and extracted for sale here in the UK via the legally available and non-psycho-active cousin, hemp plant. By law the hemp used for CBD products can only contain up to 0.2% THC therefore, you can rest safe in the knowledge that when using CBD products you won’t get in the least bit high.

Cannabinoids have been found to interact with our own endocannabinoid system which has been found to aide our homeostasis – responsible for things like mood, sleep, appetite, our immune system, and our skin - our very own biological barometer if you like.

One thing that the majority of the scientific community can agree on is the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD possesses, which means when it comes to acne, CBD may be able to provide an alternative treatment to the usual skin products that might not work for you.

A common way for our endocannabinoid system to gain access to cannabinoids is usually via the bloodstream which can be accessed by vaping CBD e-liquid or by using CBD tongue drops placed underneath the tongue (mucus glands absorb CBD really well) and then swallowed. When you apply CBD oil topically to your skin, rather than being absorbed into your bloodstream, the cannabinoid acts on your skin cells, which can be of benefit to you if you’re feeling localised pain due to inflammatory problems.

Skin conditions such as acne commonly occur when our sebaceous glands produce too much of the fatty acid sebum, which in turn causes inflammation to produce those unwanted pimples. Products such as Full Spectrum CBD contain all sorts of additional vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that work with CBD which can help balance out the levels of sebum as well as importantly reducing the inflammation on your face.

CBD And Skin Care Products

As mentioned previously, there’s not necessarily an awful lot of research conducted that pertains to these potential benefits that CBD may yield on our skin and as scientists get to grips with the what, why and when, for the time being, it’s almost a case of seeing is believing. While the lack of conclusive evidence remains to be seen, that hasn’t stopped a hatful of brands producing lotions and balms intended for topical application. Unlike some pharmaceutical products that may have the odd side effect for the patient, evidence suggests that using CBD remains relatively risk-free. You simply have to find the right CBD Product for you.

CBD Helping Celebrities On The Red Carpet This Awards Season

It’s not just fervent followers of food supplements that are reaping the benefits of CBD. With awards season in full swing, a number of celebrities have been eluding to their secret weapon for combatting multiple ventures down the red carpet – CBD.

Pre-Golden Globes, actress Busy Philips (Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town) could be seen on Instagram giving advice to fellow award-goer Kristen Bell (The Good Place, Gossip Girl) about applying CBD to her feet, regarding which potential shoe-choice to make. While fellow supporters Michelle William and Mandy Moore have also been keen proponents for keeping their paws in check by using CBD products.

Why not try CBD and see if it works for you?