Cooking With CBD

A group of friends cooking with CBDWhilst administering CBD via drops under the tongue or vaping a CBD e-liquid tend to be the most effective methods for delivering CBD to your endocannabinoid system, did you know that you can add CBD to your favourite recipes and still reap the rewards? Let’s find out more about cooking with CBD.

How CBD Works

Non-psychoactive, CBD is derived from the cannabis and hemp plants and is one of over a hundred cannabinoid molecules that have been found to interact with our very own internal endocannabinoid system; a piece of our very own internal high-tech that is responsible for monitoring our homeostasis. Think of this endocannabinoid system as a biological barometer if you will, seeking to maintain a balance and equilibrium between our physiological processes - things like mood, appetite, sleep, and our immune system. People use CBD for a variety of reasons with many reporting it is beneficial for anything from inflammatory relief, anxiety, pain and more. 

As we’ve mentioned already, the best way for your body to absorb CBD is by way of vaping e-liquid oil or placing drops directly underneath the tongue. The route into your bloodstream that poses the least resistance, by holding the vapour or liquid drops in your mouth, the mucous membranes can absorb all the compounds from the CBD, which means they can bypass the digestive system and liver, providing a more instantaneous and effective relief.

If you’re a regular consumer of CBD tongue drops, you’ll know that when it comes to flavour, it can be somewhat of an acquired taste; bitter, nutty, and a little earthy. If you’re keen to experience CBD but aren’t such a fan of either vaping the e-liquid or using the tongue drops then why not combine your CBD oil with a favourite meal? It’s important to note, that as you’ll be ingesting the CBD, you will, of course, have to subsequently digest said CBD. This means that to achieve the same effect you may receive from vaping e-liquid or tongue drops, you’re ultimately going to need more in the way of millilitres per dosing

What kind of CBD oil should I choose?

Good question! Like a blooming hemp field, ripe for harvest, the CBD market has exploded. From high street health stores to your everyday casual chemists, to vape shops and beyond, CBD can be found in a variety of forms on shelves far and wide. But be careful which you choose to combine with your cooking.

Hemp oil, of course, provides our bodies with a number of essential minerals and nutrients, however, this is derived from hemp seeds which understandably have not yet been afforded the time to cultivate the valuable cannabinoids the plant has become so famous for.

For the best flavour profile, choose VSAVI’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops. Combined with olive oil, Full Spectrum CBD means that nothing has been left out, so that in addition to the CBD, you’ll also be receiving essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, terpenes and flavonoids – perfect for adding an extra dimension to your favourite dish.

How do I cook with CBD?

Much like cooking with olive oil, or even popping on a piece of broccoli on to boil, it’s of vital importance to cooking at a low heat and for a short period of time. This will ensure that firstly your oil won’t burn and become carcinogenic, and secondly, you’ll retain the CBD’s molecular structure ensuring it’s in tip-top shape to communicate with the cannabinoid receptors found within your endocannabinoid system.

Cannabis and hemp naturally exude a herbaceous flavour, so why not try adding your CBD oil to your favourite pasta sauce or Salsa Verde? Be sure to stir well in order to achieve an even distribution of CBD in the sauce.