Top CBD Gifts for Wellness Lovers

top cbd gifts

Is CBD a firm fixture in your health and wellness regime? Got a friend who’s crazy about the latest and greatest green products? Find out how you can use CBD to support a healthy lifestyle, as well as popular ways to use the hemp-derived food supplement.

We take a peek at our pick of the best CBD products that you can give as a gift to the wellness lovers in your life. But first, let’s discuss a few key points:


Depending on whether you’ve just awoken from a Rip van Winkle-style slumber and have somehow missed the latest news, you may or may not know that the once frowned upon cannabis plant has been making waves in the wellness industry. More specifically, a molecule called CBD, found in a group of molecules known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis family of plants.

With massive concentrations of the molecule found predominantly within the industrially cultivated hemp plant, CBD has been finding its way into many everyday household items aimed at supporting a healthy lifestyle. From cosmetics to coffee, CBD is making a name for itself as the go-to ingredient for companies looking to provide a greener alternative that aligns with their customers' ever-increasing wellness values.


At first glance, the CBD market and products available to you may seem like a confusing one. With countless brands vying for your attention via. clever packaging and claims, it's essential to stay grounded, keep calm, and stick to a few simple rules that'll help steer you in the right direction when it comes to which CBD products to buy.

The most commonly sold form of CBD is CBD oil. While a popular route that many take is by placing a few drops under your tongue for 90 seconds and swallowing; if you're canny, you'll be able to utilise it in many different ways. CBD will typically be combined in a solution of olive oil, which means you can use the oil for practically anything. From food and drink to massage, by getting creative, you'll find that there are numerous ways to incorporate CBD into your healthy lifestyle.

Are you feeling the need for some TLC? Since CBD oil is predominantly made with olive oil, you'll be able to apply some drops topically to the skin followed by a gentle massage. Whether administered by a loved one or yourself, massage is excellent for promoting wellbeing and restoring some calm to your life.

For those that are not so keen on the DIY aspect of making your own CBD creations, the number of CBD infused products that now exist online and on the high street are staggering. If you’re in a particularly trendy part of town, you may well find that your local artisan coffee house will offer a shot of CBD to go with your Chai latte.


Infused products have become so popular that some health food shops and supermarkets will sell several food and drink items such as hummus, chocolate, gummy sweets, beer, and even water. Perfect for wellness lovers who have a busy lifestyle, infused products can certainly be a convenient way to support your health kick.

Alternatively, your favourite beautician may even have some cannabinoid-infused moisturisers and creams that they have incorporated into their wellness packages. If you love to keep those lips feeling lush, then opting for a CBD infused lip balm is excellent for those looking for an organic and natural alternative to mainstream products that will use chemicals.

Now, if you are a friend who has recently embarked on a health kick that involves quitting smoking, then you may already be vaping e-liquid as a way to kick the habit. If this is the case, then you might want to think about vaping CBD Vape Oil. An alternative to nicotine, you'll also be supporting your newfound healthy lifestyle in an even greener and cleaner way.


If you want to introduce CBD to one of your wellness loving friends, then there are a few products that may well spark your interest:

cbd oil cbd vape kits cbd skincare

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Let’s take a look at what we’ve suggested. Ideal for incorporating into food and drink or using for massage, our CBD oil is perfect for those new to CBD. Opting for a lower concentration such as 300mg of CBD per 10ml bottle will make for a suitable introduction for those new to the cannabinoid.

As the natural taste of CBD is somewhat of an acquired taste, adding a few drops of the oil to your favourite food or drink will be a great way to support your health without any undesired aftertaste. Add a few drops of our full spectrum CBD oil to your freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, or even use it as a salad dressing for a lunchtime treat. It’s also one of our best selling products - for it contains a range of additional cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and terpenes that are found in the legally cultivated hemp plant.

Next up, a vape kit. If one of your friends is trying to quit smoking in order to become a healthier person, then treating them to a few CBD vaping products might just be the way to spur them on further.

CBD vape kits are affordable and easy-to-use too. A low powered e-cig style device will heat the CBD vape oil/e-liquid to the optimum temperature without overheating and destroying any of the molecules. As mentioned, the taste of CBD might not be everyone’s go-to choice, so for those looking for a more flavourful way to consume CBD, buying one of our Flavoured CBD E-Liquid will provide a sweet experience.

With so many ways to consume CBD and support a healthy lifestyle, why not choose something special for your wellness loving friends this month. If you want to know more about our range of products, feel free to drop us a line - we’d love to chat.

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