What a beginner to CBD oil needs to know

CBD is gaining a lot of traction in the UK right now, but what is it? Cannabidiol - toBest CBD vaping e liquid oil give it its full name - is part of the infamous cannabis plant. Parts of this plant are referred to as ‘cannabinoids’, and there’s another one that you may have heard about in the news; THC. This is the compound in cannabis plants that makes people high.

Right away, it’s important to note that CBD doesn’t make you high or have any effect on your mind. Instead, it’s found to have some very good medical uses, and can be used as a natural cure for multiple issues.
In this blog, we’ll talk to you about the basics of CBD. If you’re a beginner, then this will help you learn more about it and differentiate the facts from the lies.

The Health Benefits Of CBD

It is important that we state at the beginning of this section that we are not making any claims that CBD is recognised as being an effective treatment for any ailment or disease. The information below is intend to make you aware that there is copious amounts of data, from the medical profession and internationally recognised research bodies, that support the data provided below.
We mentioned in the introduction that CBD won’t get you high. THC is the cannabis compound that does this, so what does CBD do? Mainly, when we ingest it in our system, it interacts with our hormones to help stimulate different responses to different problems. In short; it helps to improve our health in many different ways.

There have been countless studies that back this claim up, and they’ve shown that CBD has helped with the following conditions:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Some forms of cancer
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Alzheimer’s
This is just a short list, we could go on and on, but it would take up the entire blog post! If you suffer from any of these problems and are yet to find solutions that work, then CBD could be the answer you’re looking for and may be worth a try.

There is no guarantee that vaping or swallowing CBD will definitely alleviate your symptoms and definitely no claim that it will cure any condition or disease.

As well as all this, there is also some evidence to suggest that it might be an effective antioxidant, which is usually a term reserved for all those ‘superfoods’ out there. Everyone is encouraged to eat blueberries and other fruit & veg because of their anti-oxidising properties.

Needless to say, all of these points aren’t just assumptions or random statements. If you have a quick search online, you will see so many medical studies that prove the health benefits of this cannabinoid.

How Do You Take CBD?

Now, if you follow the news, you’ll know that this idea of ‘medical marijuana’ has been around for some time. Over in the US, many states legalise this and give patients cannabis to smoke at home. As we’ve stated, there are clear scientific links between the cannabis plant and a whole host of medical issues. It’s clinically proven to help improve so many different things. The main issue people have with this is that it makes you high. It stimulates your mind and gives you an unnatural high, but that’s all thanks to the THC.

The consequence of this is that medical marijuana is not yet legal in the UK. So, if you suffer from any of the problems mentioned earlier, how do you get your hands on CBD legally? Well, while cannabis itself is illegal, the actual CBD compound isn’t. In fact, it can be turned into oil that’s sold primarily as a food supplement. Therefore, it’s possible to get all the benefits of CBD by taking it as an oil. Again, you may wonder how you do this? Well, vaping is currently one of the best ways to bring CBD into your system. When you vape, your body absorbs all the different things in the e-liquid as effectively as possible. Use the vape oils for more immediate relief.

However, you can also take it in the form of oil drops. These CBD drops can’t be used as a vaping liquid, and you simply drop them into your mouth under your tongue. It takes longer to build up in your system but has a more lasting effect.

In some instances, it is advised to use both the vape oil and the drops together although not at the same time.

Key Things To Think About When Using CBD

Before you grab any CBD oil on the market, you need to take a few key things into consideration. For starters, make sure you buy the right type of oil. Some places only sell the oral drops, while others sell vaping CBD. Here at Vsavi, we sell both, so ensure you get the right one for your needs. Of course, if you want to vape it, then you need the vaping oil.

The second thing to think about is the potency of the oil. We sell different strengths of oral CBD drops; 300mg, 400mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. The choice of strength depends on your individual circumstances and needs. It is generally recommended that you begin on lower doses and work your up until you find what works best for you. You need to give it at least several months to feel the full benefits.

Thirdly, and this is perhaps the most important, so please pay attention, it needs to be pure CBD. This means there shouldn’t be any other cannabis compounds in the oil, especially THC. If THC is present, then it might make the oil illegal. There are also other compounds in cannabis that are potentially harmful and not really needed, to ensure there’s only CBD involved.

You want CBD oil that’s natural and organic as well. This is mainly because it will be more pure and potent, leading to better effects. There have been reports by the media including Newsweek.com where CBD vape oil containing additives has caused death and hospitalisation.

If you’re vaping CBD, then the vaporiser you use is important as well. Ideally, use one that’s specifically designed to be partnered with CBD oil. We sell some on our site, and they come with sub ohm functionality that allows for more CBD vapour to be produced. As a result, you may see improved absorption of the oil.

Finally, always consult a health professional before you take CBD for any medical purposes. Now, they can’t prescribe you with any CBD oil as it’s not technically sold or made for medical use. Remember, it’s legally sold as a food supplement! What they can do is tell you if it’s safe for you to take it, and if it’s worthwhile for your particular condition.

As a quick summary; CBD is a compound found in cannabis. It’s not to be confused with THC, which is the main compound in the cannabis plant and causes highs. Research shows that CBD can help combat many health problems of varying severity. If you want to take CBD legally, then you should purchase CBD oil as a food supplement. The most effective way of absorbing the oil is by vaping. Hopefully, this blog clears everything up for you, and you now know more about this intriguing substance.

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