Vaping Illegal THC Can be Fatal

Vaping Illegal THC Can be Fatal

You may or may not have read VSAVI's most recent newsletter regarding CBD safety, but in the instance that you're unaware, there have been some sinister and serious vaping incidents occurring in the USA recently. Let’s take a look at the dangers of vaping illegal THC, its potentially fatal consequences and why there’s nothing to worry about when you vape VSAVI’s CBD. 

Vaping THC in the USA

In September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA reported that there had been a staggering 380 confirmed and probable cases of lung-illnesses related to vaping nicotine and cannabis-based e-liquids. More worryingly is that the outbreak covering an area of 36 States, is suspected to have caused several deaths. Whilst there is no conclusive evidence, health officials have said that the illnesses and deaths do not seem to be caused by infection, but instead, it's thought that chemical exposure may be to blame.

A commonality among patients is that many of them vaped nicotine and cannabis-based products containing vitamin E acetate. Symptoms for the anonymous illness include coughing, shortness of breath, and nausea with reported cases of severe pulmonary disease. 

Similar to cases of ‘popcorn lung’ linked to the TPD substance Diacetyl, chemicals like this and vitamin E may be rife amongst e-liquid products sold in the USA. Always know what’s in your e-liquid and if in doubt ask for the ingredients used to produce your e-juice.

Is Vaping CBD Safe?

If you're quietly going into panic wondering if you should continue vaping your VSAVI CBD Vape Oil, you can feel completely rest assured that all is safe and well. Unlike the UK and EU, vaping products in the USA are not particularly regulated. This means that manufacturers are essentially able to include whatever they see fit, to create their brand of e-liquid. For instance, while the legal limit of nicotine strength here and in the EU is 2%, across the pond e-liquids are available with up to 5% strength-nicotine. In the UK and EU, our vaping laws and regulations fall under the wider banner of the Tobacco Products Directive. This means that vaping products manufactured and sold need to undergo rigorous toxicity tests to be deemed safe for consumption. 

Why it’s Safe to Use VSAVI’s CBD 

As we breathe a sigh of relief and get back to vaping whichever flavour CBD you may prefer, let us tell you why you can vape VSAVI's CBD products in confidence. To provide you with the very best vaping experience, it makes sense to us to use the very best ingredients. While using the VSAVI CBD sublingual drops will afford a completely natural experience, with an ingredient list of simply CBD and organic olive oil -  VSAVI's vape oil is equally as simple. Using the tried and tested blend of high-grade PG/VG e-liquid and flavourings, our independently lab-tested CBD is combined to produce the best vape possible for your pleasure.

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