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Vapour2 PRO Series 3, Best CBD Hemp Vaporizer. UK edition

Vapour2 PRO 3 CBD Vape Pen

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V2 Advanced CBD Vaporizer

The new Vapour2 PRO Series 3 is optimised for CBD e liquid & capable of vaporising loose leaf and CBD Vape Oil.

The fully TPD compliant PRO 3 vape pen delivers the capacity & battery life of a much larger device in a lightweight, portable design.

The PRO S3 CBD Kit contains:

  • Vapour2 PRO Series 3 Vaporiser (choose from Black, Blue or Stainless Steel)
  • Magnetic USB charging lead
  • UK or EU wall adapter
  • Magnetic CBD E Liquid Cartridge (can be refilled up to 20 times)

Vapour2 CBD range for separate purchase:

For moderate vapers choose the Pro 3 CBD kit, for heavier or more frequent vaping buy the more advanced Pro 7 CBD kit

    What performance can you expect from your CBD E Liquid Cartridge?

    To get the best long term usage from this cartridge we recommend that you keep the cartridge regularly topped up with CBD Oil or e liquid. This will help keep the wick moist to help give the best taste and vapour production. CBD E Liquid Cartridges are consumable items and need to be replaced with a new CBD cartridge after 15-20 refills. If you continue to use an old cartridge you may damage your vaporizer.

    Can I use VSAVI CBD E-Juice in my V2 Pro Cartridge ?

    Yes you can. We recommend you use a separate/new cartridge for CBD & your regular E-Liquid.

    Unpacking your V2 PRO Vaporizer

    How to fill your V2 PRO CBD E Liquid Cartridge

    The average life expectancy of the V2 Pro Loose Leaf Cartridge varies. There are some factors that come into play: the moisture of the tobacco in the cartridge, frequency of use, how often or not the cartridge is cleaned, general care, etc. On average, we would expect that a Loose Leaf cartridge may last for around 2 months. You can purchase replacement CBD oil E Liquid and Loose Leaf Cartridges from this website.

    V2 PRO - The Technical Details

    Best UK CBD Vape pen; specification sheet



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