How to Vape CBD

how to vape cbd

CBD is a bit of a buzzword at the moment - it seems that everyone is talking about it.

From your next-door neighbour to celebrities, beauty gurus and food bloggers, CBD is taking over our high street and the internet as more people are exposed to its potential to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you’re new to the CBD world, it can be difficult to know where to start.


Just to recap, CBD is a type of cannabinoid sourced from the cannabis plant, although unlike its more well-known sister-compound, THC, it doesn’t get users high.


One look at the CBD market and you’ll find oils, pills, balms, creams, edibles and infused drinks, so deciding which way is right for you can be tricky.

Generally, it’s accepted that the most popular way to take CBD is by vaping or taking it via tinctures (drops or sprays), but there are other ways to use it, like a topical application.

While edibles and balms are a nice idea, it can be difficult to know exactly how much CBD you’re getting, meaning it can be more expensive and more confusing.


If vaping CBD seems like the most relevant choice to you, we’d recommend starting out on a lower dosage of CBD e-liquid and moving up as per your individual needs. If using natural CBD vape oil (another term for it) isn't to your taste, flavoured CBD e-liquid is the same product, just with deliciously fruity aromas.

Vape as often as you feel you need but avoid chain-vaping. Several strong inhalations should do the trick, and direct-to-lung vapers should need fewer inhalations. You could always try to combine a couple of CBD oil drops under your tongue three times a day while vaping in between.

Vape pens are unobtrusive and can go virtually undetected if privacy is something that’s a consideration for you. Vaping CBD is very convenient for on the go.

The more complicated the device, the more complicated vaping becomes. Instead, choose a convenient small CBD vape kit like an EX Blank and an e-cigarette battery for using CBD on the go.

We absolutely recommend checking out our Starter Kit for easy device usage. If you have to vape more frequently in the day, this e-cigarette is perfect for vaping continuously as it doesn't require stand-alone charging. Simply plug the e-cigarette into a USB port or a USB adapter and take as much CBD as you wish; no battery recharging is ever required.


Adding CBD vape oil to your regular e-liquid is an absolute no-go. Vaping regular or flavoured specially formulated CBD e-liquid on its own is the way forward. By adding it to another substance, it will dilute the CBD and no longer give you the same product.

Somewhere along the way, the terms 'CBD drops' and 'CBD oil' have merged into one, confusing people into using CBD drops, meant for sublingual use, as normal vape oil. Vaping CBD drops is simply not possible, as it's mixed with virgin olive oil, a substance that can't be vaped and can actually be dangerous to heat via a vaping device.

If you're tempted to put your CBD e-liquid in a big cloud-chasing device, hold fire, as you're likely to burn your liquid. Putting CBD vape oil into a sub-ohm device or an e-cigarette with temperature variables can be problematic too. Make sure you invest in a device that’s designed specifically for the vape liquid you’re using.


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